How To Pump Enough Breast Milk For Twins, According to Experts

Something about breastfeeding is so miraculous that it makes even the most logical moms question exactly how the body is built to supply babies with the sustenance they require during their early months. That's why it's no surprise that some of the top questions that come with breastfeeding include "Will there be enough?" and "But how?" Of course, those inquiries multiply when you are breastfeeding two little ones, especially if you are pumping and trying to judge necessary quantities. So if you are wondering how to pump enough breast milk for twins, then these experts have you covered.

"The best way to increase your milk production is to pump, feed, pump, feed!" Dr. Jaime Knopman, co-founder of TrulyMD, and director at New York's Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, tells Romper in an email interview. "The more you express, the more that your milk supply will go up."

Knopman says that, in general, if you feed and then pump — "so with twins that's like a triple whammy" — you can increase and maximize your milk supply. She recommends women try and pump or express every two to three hours, especially in the beginning, to get the process started.

Monique Cowan, a California-based birth and postpartum doula, agrees with Knopman, adding that she also suggests pumping more often during "wonder weeks and growth spurts," or the times when babies are clamoring to breastfeed more often, sometimes every 30 minutes to an hour. "This will ensure your supply meets their demands," she says.

Knopman points out that it's also important to remember that "when you take care of others, you need to take care of yourself."

"This means feeding yourself, hydrating yourself, and resting when you can," she says. "Your fluid intake is particularly important because without fluid, you won't be able to produce fluid — in this case, milk."

Cowan says it's also helpful to keep a few snacks on hand while pumping because it not only provides you with nutrients to maintain supply, but makes a pumping session more enjoyable.

Handy tip? Cowan says if you are still "putting babies to breast" and simply trying to create a stash with pumping, then consider pumping one side while one of the babies eats on the other. "It can be more convenient and less time consuming than pumping between feedings," she says.

And whether you are a mom to one or many, you know just how precious time is.