How To Put The Facebook Belgium Flag Filter On Your Profile Picture To Show Support After The Brussels Attacks

As reports are continuing to roll in after the Brussels attacks on Tuesday, it is important for those around the world to show their support of Brussels and all of Belgium in any way they can. What is one way you can show your support of those affected in Brussels by the three explosions that occurred? One small, but incredibly powerful, change you can make is to change your Facebook profile photo to support Belgium.

Sure, maybe Facebook seems like a secondary form of social media nowadays, but by changing your profile picture to show the Belgium flag, you are showing your support of those that were affected by the attacks. However small it seems, standing in unity at a time like this is crucial to show the world. No matter how far away you are from Belgium at this time, the flag's colors placed over your profile photo says one thing: I stand with you, Belgium.

A website called Rainbow Filter has implemented a tool that allows you to change your profile photo on Facebook (and other social media platforms) to show support after the attacks. By going to Rainbow Filter's website, you can follow the instructions to have the colors of the Belgium flag included in your profile photo. The steps are incredibly easy.

1. Go To Rainbow Filter & Click "Facebook Login"

You can also change your Twitter profile photo, as well.

Allow The Website To Access Your Facebook Profile

Note: the next step allows you to deny the website to post for you.

Click "Not Now" To Deny The Website Access To Post On Your Profile

If you would like to share Rainbow Filter's posts, you can select who you'd like to share such posts with in the drop down menu.

Rainbow Filter Will Generate An Updated Profile Photo

You can choose to change your profile photo directly from Rainbow Filter or download the image to use across all of your platforms.