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How To Relieve Your Child's Stress In 10 Minutes, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Parents know all too well that stress isn't healthy. They can even, in many cases, identify what's causing their feelings of anxiety and deal with them accordingly, but the same can't be said for children. Furthermore, the tools adults use to manage stress might not be what kids need. There's no one-size-fits-all solution, of course, but astrologers believe you can relieve your kid's stress by taking their zodiac sign and making a few modifications throughout the day.

The American Psychological Association says parents should pay attention if their child has unexplained headaches or stomachaches, begins acting out in ways that are unusual for them, or starts saying negative things about themselves or others. No matter how old or "mature" you think they are, all of these can be signs your kiddo needs to decompress.

When it's obvious that your kids need to decompress, a few minutes of stress relief can help. A small 2014 study in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics analyzed the effectiveness of a stress-management activity, in this case reading a book, and found that just 10 minutes a day was enough to decrease anxiety in children and help them cope with stress better. The activity that's right for your child will depend on their personality.

Is your kid an energetic Aries? A routine-craving Capricorn? Maybe a sensitive Cancer? Donna Stellhorn, astrologer and feng shui expert, and Kyle Thomas, pop culture astrologer, tell Romper in separate interviews that the secret to helping your kids de-stress might be written in their stars. They also recommend some quick and easy at-home activities kids can do to alleviate some of the negative feelings they are feeling.


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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and Thomas says that first-place mentality is a big part of their life. They have a lot of energy and can be prone to impulsiveness and competitiveness, he says. "They like getting their way and often act out as a leader. They are harder to control due to their curious and adventurous nature."

Because of their fiery natures, they may need outlets to burn off their energy. Thomas suggests helping the Aries child reduce stress with a good run, a sport, or other physical activity. "Once this energy has been released, their good mood will return," he says.


A child who's a Taurus is probably in the process of learning how to be comfortable just being still. Stellhorn explains that stress, like changing routines, can make them extra jittery, which can be hard for parents to manage. With little bulls, it's best to just go with what they need at the moment.

"Taurus is a fixed earth sign, so it's best not to insist that they do something," Stellhorn says. "It's okay to let them sit on the sofa wrapped in a comfy blanket with a snack. Let Taurus natives find different places in the house that they feel comfortable." Naturally, this earth sign can also do well helping in the garden, she says.


Is your Gemini child a communicator? Stellhorn says a stressed-out Gemini will want to talk out their feelings and concerns, so be ready to listen and take action.

To help calm them down, give them a few minutes of your undivided attention, she recommends. When parents can't give their Gemini kid full attention, have them write letters or send it in an email, she says. As long as they can get out how they feel and be heard, this can help reduce their stress.

Thomas adds that just like the duality of their sign, Geminis like doing many things at once. Helping them hone in on one thing can reduce stress. "Gemini children will become very agitated and crabby when stressed. They will lose interest in anything specifically and become indecisive and confused about what they want to do," she says. "Doing a puzzle with a stressed Gemini child will help them to problem-solve something easy in front of them."


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An anxious Cancer child will want to find ways to help, according to Stellhorn. They thrive when they have activities planned and things to do.

"Let them assist with making dinner, or even better, let them do some baking of sweet treats that they need to decorate," she recommends. "Tell them how much you appreciate the effort they made. Cancer natives also do well when they can check in with the entire family via phone or video conference," she says.


Ah, sweet little fire signs. Expressive Leo children may show their stress by "stomping around the house demanding attention," Stellhorn says. That's their way of saying they miss their friends.

"To help them feel calmer, put them in charge of something such as entertaining younger siblings or doing an art project that will be displayed in the house," she says. They also do well when allowed to do a big gesture, such as throwing a virtual party. Turn to their creative sides to help them express their feelings through a collage or other craft, Thomas suggests.


Thomas says Virgo children are often intellectual, shy, deeply caring, and lovers of hard work. Under stress, they can become anxious, frustrated, nervous, and even have nightmares. "Playing with pets will easily help a Virgo child put their attention on another," he says. "This also releases a soothing effect as well as bonds them to the animal."

And, parents of Virgos: good news! Asking your little earth sign to help clean and declutter around the house may actually help them too. "Virgo is a mutable earth sign so they need something practical to do," says Stellhorn. "They'll probably feel better after helping you clean out your home office space and sanitizing the house."


Stressed out little Libras may act selfishly, cautions Stellhorn.

Thomas adds, "Libra children will act out and be dramatic in order to court attention. This will make some parents think they are being naughty, but in truth, they just want someone to validate and listen to them."

Letting them talk to loved ones is simple and can help alleviate some of their pent up anxiety while reminding them to think of others. Thomas suggests having them make a list of people to check in with via phone call or text.

If your kiddo isn't feeling like socializing right now, let them express themselves in creative ways instead. "Libra natives do well with puzzles," Thomas says. "They also do well when making things beautiful. Let them help with redecorating ideas, like creating a Pinterest board."


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Stellhorn says Scorpios love to investigate and find the truth, so consider distracting them with solving mysteries and reading detective stories. But, if your baby Scorpio is getting stressed, it may be because they're feeling like life is out of control right now. To fix it, help them control things where possible.

"Scorpio is a fixed water sign and is about feeling safe rather than being safe. Have them help you by taking an inventory of supplies and making charts of things people in the household can do when it comes to disinfecting," she says.

Or, Thomas says watching a movie will help a Scorpio child redirect their stress and anxiety. "This allows them to let go of their frustration by focusing more on other ideas, characters, and scenarios."


A stressed-out Sagittarius of any age tends to collect all the information available about their dilemma but can become overwhelmed, Stellhorn explains. To help them cope, let them share that knowledge.

"Consider having them take on the teacher role," she says. If your Sagittarius has younger siblings, let them help teach them their school lessons. They can also be encouraged to write or draw a book of their experiences, she says.

Another good way to help ease your Sagittarius child's stress is to play the shared story game, Thomas explains. "You start the story and then the two of you trade off crafting the journey of the characters and narrative. This will help them express their creative side as well as engage their sense of humor."


A Capricorn child who feels uneasy will either have emotional outbursts or totally shut down, Thomas says. Because they tend to desire a solid base of friends and family, they may miss those people a little extra. Stellhorn explains that Capricorns also love to succeed and stress makes them feel like even small mistakes are big ones.

"To help them feel better, let them help you with daily tasks, like cooking or helping with the laundry, by giving them very precise instructions," she says. "And then make sure you give them praise for what they did well."

And don't be afraid to engage that success-driven side of your little one. "Capricorn is a business sign. They would do well playing Monopoly or learning chess," Stellhorn says.


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Thomas describes Aquarius kiddos as eccentric, erratic, and independent. Aquariuses worry about their friends' health or that maybe their friends will forget about them when they're apart. Give them options on how to best address those worries.

Because Aquariuses tend to do the opposite of what you want, Stellhorn advises parents to help them feel safe by giving them several choices but also letting them make suggestions.

Thomas also suggests letting them harness their independent streak in an alternate reality. "Playing video or online games is an excellent way for an Aquarius to reduce stress. This is because Aquarius is the zodiac sign most closely connected to the future and technology," he says.


Stellhorn explains that Pisces kids are learning what things are in their control versus out of their control. When they feel stressed by things they can't control, they may think things are much worse than they are.

"Pisces are highly intuitive, meaning they can pick up the feelings of other people," she says. To help them de-stress and feel better, Stellhorn says to put them in charge of things in their day or around the house that they can control.

Thomas says the naturally creative Pisces will also find comfort in creating a piece of art that reflects their current emotion.

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