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How To Repost Instagram Video & Images, Because Sometimes Once Isn't Enough

OK, let's say you've taken the cutest footage of your baby doing ballet, or your kitty asleep in a cozy blanket. Clearly, you've got to get that video up on your own Instagram feed ASAP. Or you've got a bunch of images to re-load. These are big problems, people! What if you just can't get your video to re-load on the social media platform? Here's how to repost Instagram video and images, because sometimes once just isn't enough.

Last year, Instagram announced that it was making it easier to repost stories, as Fortune reported. The site's retooling means you can upload more than one photo and video at the same time, the magazine noted, while you can still edit each piece individually. This includes location tagging suggestions based on where the photo was taken, not just where you are at the time of the upload.

To add multiple photos or videos to your story, just go to upload media, where there will be an icon in the top right corner that will let you add multiple photos. You can chose up to 10 photos or video from your gallery in total. On the edit screen you’ll be able to see a preview of your story before you finish up and the content goes live for your followers.

Once you've got this part down, you may get ambitious and want to re-post something from someone else. Unfortunately, though there are two ways you can share someone’s Instagram post using the site itself, neither is that user-friendly, as the website Daily Dot reported.

You can share an image with Facebook Messenger or by sending the post as an IG message to someone on your "following" list. But what if you want more than one single person to view it? That's where an additional apps like Repost for Instagram, InstaRepost or Repost and Regram, all of which make it easy to launch Instagram, copy a link and share it with your social-media community without so much struggle, the site noted.

The hubspot is a useful tech site that has all sorts of advice, so visit as needed.

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Finally, what about your poor, neglected Facebook? What if you want to send some of that love over to your profile so everyone can see what's new? Especially those friends who prefer the older social network? The fix is simple: link your accounts. After this, it'll be a breeze to share a post from IG to FB, or vice versa, as per the Instagram website.

Instagram has had some gaffes over time, notably last year when the way users scrolled through their feeds was different, requiring a tap, until repairs were made.

"We’re always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and bring you closer to the people and things you love," a company spokesperson told the website TechCrunch at the time.

The Instagram problems last fall — the site went down close to the time when rumors swirled about issues with new parent Facebook, as reported by the U.K.'s Independent newspaper — freaked some users I know out, especially those already were concerned about privacy. I say, if you're already on social media, don't get too stressed about it. Now you know how to do more with your account, so go for it.