If You Missed The 'Up & Vanished' TV Special, Here's How To Watch It

One of the most popular podcasts made the leap to the small screen in 2018 when Up and Vanished aired as a television special on the Oxygen network. Of course, since it was one night only, many people might not have been able to tune in, and now may be wondering how to rewatch the Up and Vanished TV special. Don’t despair, there are still several avenues available to catch up on the latest happenings in the case of Tara Grinstead.

The show aired on the night of Nov. 18 on Oxygen, and was a look at what’s taken place in the case since the podcast wrapped in 2016. Host Payne Lindsey was on hand to discuss the case and the way his work contributed to the arrest of two men in the case of Grinstead, a Georgia teacher who was murdered more than a decade ago, according to CBS News. The show offered viewers a chance to see the locations they’d previously only heard about on the podcast or in news article, and to meet some of the people Lindsey interviewed and worked with during his investigation.

Though Oxygen hasn’t said it's going to re-air the special, the network still has it available for viewing on its website. The trick is that you have to log in with the information you use for your cable provider, whether Cox, DirecTV, Dish, or another. If you’re like me you can never, ever remember what that login is, there are a few alternatives for you to still see the show — for a small fee.

For instance, iTunes has the Up and Vanished special available for $2.99, which is the same price you get from Amazon Prime Video. YouTube also offers the show and you get it there for the bargain price of $1.99. You may also be able to find it on video-on-demand services like Vudu where it is available to own for $4.99. So far, it hasn’t come to Netflix or Hulu yet, and Oxygen announced putting it on those services at the time of publication.

If you missed out on the podcast altogether, the story was an investigation done by an amateur sleuth and filmmaker named Payne Lindsey who decided he wanted to investigate a cold case. He ran across the case of the disappearance of Grinstead and was intrigued by the circumstances of the teacher’s disappearance, and the massive police investigation which had yielded no suspects, according to Rolling Stone. “The general idea was to take my storytelling and people skills and apply them to a cold case and try and do something good with it.”

Though it had been 12 years since Grinstead’s disappearance the podcast reignited interest in it within her small hometown of Ocilla, Georgia. Six months after the series ended, a tip to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation resulted in the arrests of two men, as HuffPost reported. The TV special picked up where the podcast left off, so it delved deeper into the arrests and the stories that followed according to Oxygen. The men are still reportedly awaiting trial.