ways to show grandparents love on national grandparents day if you can't see them in person
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11 Ways To Express Your Love On National Grandparents Day — From A Distance

Sunday, September 13, 2020 marks National Grandparents’ Day, a holiday set aside to honor the elders in our lives. But this year, showing them love may be a little trickier. Rather than riding down to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, the pandemic has many people turning to other means for staying in touch. So how can you show them you care? Here are some ways to show your grandparents love on Grandparents Day this year.

For each of these ideas, the key is to personalize your message so that all the grandmas and grandpas in your life and children's lives know how much they mean to you. Whether that's sending them their favorite flowers or hand decorating a card with an image that special to them and your child, get creative but make the gift specific. Anyone can mail a box of chocolates — and nothing’s wrong with that. But this year, while we’re all so far away from each other taking social distancing precautions, even if we live next door, why not go the extra mile and really tailor your meaningful gesture so it will be one the grands will remember for years to come? Who knows, you might even start a new family tradition.


Zoom Serenade

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I don't know about yours, but my mom loves to sing and when she could visit, before the pandemic, she was always trying to get my son to sing with her. This National Grandparents' Day bring the song to your grammy by Zooming her favorite tune to her. Get the kids to dress up and put on a little show. You could even record it so she can rewatch it later.


Send a Favorite Snack

Would you normally be spending Sunday night dinner with your parents grilling out together? If socially distancing is keeping you apart, mail them your favorite barbecue gift box so they can grill at home and think of you, or drop off their favorite foods so that they can enjoy a delicious meal with minimal effort.


Mail Framed Hand Prints

The little years go by so fast. Stop time and share it with the grandparents by taking painted hand or foot prints of your kids and mailing it to Meemaw and Popbop. They can keep it on their wall and remember when their favorite people were small.


Write a Poem

Grandparents come from the pre-internet era. A time when getting a handwritten note was the norm. Remind them of how special it was to get handwritten letters by having your own children write them each a special message or poem. I promise it will be way more meaningful than a Hallmark card with just a signature.


Record a Photo Frame Message

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There are so many great tools these days that allow you to record messages for people in unique ways. One of my favorites is Recordable Photo Frames. You can include a great shot of their grandkid then have the child record a message for their grandparents which they can play back whenever they're feeling lonely.


Send Baked Goods

Be it cookies, muffins, bread, or croissants, who doesn't like getting carbs in the mail. If your parents like to spend their time with your children in the kitchen, remind them of those special afternoons with a made with love item from your own oven.


Send a Friend to Check On Them

I haven't lived in the same town as my parents since I was 18, but my best friend still does. Maybe you know someone nearby your parents who could stop in and check on them or share a message or gift from you. The hand delivery from a close friend will make the gift all the more well received.


Put Up a Sign

Marquees are a great way to send a message even if you're miles away. Know of a big billboard in your grandparent's town or maybe a movie marquee that lets people put up personalized messages? Give the business a call and ask them to post a Happy Grandparents' Day sign from your family then casually suggest that your grandparents drive by. Imagine their thrill when they see it.


Send a Socially Distant Singing Telegram

I know it sounds crazy, but some singing telegram companies are still operating even in these difficult times. This one in San Diego, for instance, will do a 5 to 10 minute performance. Or you can always set the kids up on the front lawn and have them deliver the message.


Send Them on a Treasure Hunt

You don't have to be in the same place to give your children's grandparents a fun activity. Set up clues and send them on a treasure hunt all over (safe) places across town and then have them ultimately find a gift that shows them how much you care. Getting out of the house will be therapeutic and everyone will delight in the fun of the hunt.


Pick Up The Phone

Call your grandparents, not just on National Grandparents day, but regularly. Not all grandparents have the technology or the skills to use video chat, but that doesn't mean you can't keep in touch with them regularly. Giving them a ring on Sunday to catch up, and consider proposing a weekly time to make sure you're keeping them updated regularly.