10 Creative Ways To Store All Those Family Photos Taking Over Your House

There's something so nostalgic about looking through old family photos. And I'm talking about the pictures you flip through when you're going through your family albums, not the pictures that pop-up on your Facebook memories (but those can be great, too). For some reason, scrolling through photos online doesn't have the same feel as looking through real photos. So if want to bring some of those physical captured memories into your life (without the clutter), you'll want some creative ways to store family photos.

These days, most people share their fondest memories online, but don't go through the trouble of getting photos actually printed (I am one of those people, so — guilty). There's something about seeing and holding the actual physical copy of the picture that makes it feel so much more — well, just more. But with smart phones with high-def cameras, people (especially all us parents of really cute kids) are taking pictures more than ever, making it impossible to choose just one to frame. Thankfully though, you don't have to choose just one and you don't have to worry about overwhelming your home with more clutter either. There are some really creative and neat ways to organize your favorite photos without the hassle or the mess. And if you have a bunch of vintage family photos, these 10 ideas are the perfect way to make them accessible and fun to look through.