These Graco Car Seats Have Been Recalled

Every parent wants to keep their baby safe. Especially when they're driving down the highway, surrounded by metal and wheels and other cars speeding past. A safe car seat is tantamount to protecting children while driving, so it's always important to stay ahead of any safety recalls that might be occurring. A recent announcement from Graco regarding a car seat recall is seriously cause for concern, especially since the reason for the recall has to do with safety during a potential car accident.

Graco's Childrens Products has recalled 25,000 convertible car seats due to concerns with the mesh car seat webbing. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said on Wednesday that the webbing might not suitably restrain a child and could potentially tear in the event of a car accident, risking injury. Want to know whether your child's car seat is affected by the recall? The Graco "My Ride 65" convertible car seat is the product in question. The car seats with the model numbers 1871689, 1908152, 1813074, 1872691, 1853478, 1877535, 1813015, and 1794334 are the ones being recalled. The company said the recall is expected to get under way by July 17.

Romper reached out to Graco for comment and is awaiting a reply.

The car seats affected by the recall were manufactured the summer of 2014. In a statement issued via its Facebook page regarding the recall, the company promised to issue a free replacement harness package to affected customers, and said the "My Ride 65" convertible car seats could continue to be used while waiting for the replacement:

In accordance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 213, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) evaluates the restraint system compliance including the individual components of the car seat and the complete car seat in a dynamic crash simulation. During a test of the individual harness restraint component, the webbing on certain My Ride 65 convertible car seats did not meet federal requirements for breaking strength. Out of an abundance of caution, Graco is notifying consumers who may be impacted and is providing, free of charge, replacement kits with new harness restraints and installation instructions.

For concerned care providers who might have questions, you can call Graco customer service at 1-800-345-4109 or email your queries to

Because at the end of the day, there is nothing more important than keeping your child safe, is there?