Sonja Flemming/CBS

How To Tempt A Houseguest On 'Big Brother 19'

by Allison Picurro

Every season, Big Brother gives its audience at least one chance to make an impact on the game from outside the house. In the past it's involved everything from voting evicted Houseguests back into the game, to choosing a Houseguest to be America's Player, to sending "care packages" into the house. Now, these decisions typically don't have a huge effect in the long run, but this season, Big Brother 19 is clearly determined to change that. With the Den of Temptation, America holds the important task of messing with the house dynamic every week. So how do you tempt a Houseguest on Big Brother 19?

The Den of Temptation is a very ominously named way of saying that the show is really going to be messing with the Houseguests this season. Within the first week, America shook things up when they chose Paul (the only returning player from a previous season) to be tempted with the Pendant of Protection. As will presumably be the case with all temptations that will come out of this twist, when Paul accepted the Pendant a consequence was unleashed on the house in the form of Ramses being "cursed" with having to volunteer himself for eviction in the next three weeks.

The next temptation will come in the form of the Ring of Replacement, which will give the chosen Houseguest the chance to compete in a Veto competition of their choosing, should they accept.

As for what you can do, well, it's pretty easy. CBS has set up a Den of Temptation voting page on their site, meaning that all you're really responsible for is clicking a button and, you know, making the right choice. Once a Houseguest is voted into the Den of Temptation, they can't be voted in again, so make sure to think hard about what the right decision would be for each particular week.

Talking about the Den of Temptation in an interview with CBS Chicago, host Julie Chen said, "It’s all about choices in the Big Brother house. This year, because of the theme and twists, there are more difficult choices to make every time you turn your head."

As far as Big Brother twists go, this is probably one of the better ones. Instead of the show, or even the Houseguests, deciding how to shake up the game, they cut out the middleman and let America make the choice for themselves. Rock the vote, y'all.