How To Throw A "Stranger Things" Halloween Party For All Your Weirdo Friends

One current television show embraces the weird like no other, and that show is Stranger Things. If you're eagerly awaiting the release of Season 2 on October 27, why not combine the two best parts of late October into one festive event? Learning how to throw a Stranger Things Halloween party will turn the whole holiday upside-down.

If it feels like the Netflix show is getting a lot of hype, you're right. Only a month after its debut in July 2016, the first season of Stranger Things averaged over 14 million adult viewers between the ages of 18 to 49, according to the website for Variety. Plus, the current trailer for season 2 of Stranger Things has over 10 million views on YouTube. People cannot wait to see what adventures the kids of Hawkins get up to next. In addition to this intense fandom, the series has also received critical acclaim. In fact, Stranger Things was nominated for 18 Emmy Awards. The show has no signs of slowing down.

If you want to celebrate this awesome show in late October, then you're in the right place. Because eating Eggos and playing Dungeons & Dragons is exactly my kind of party, here are a few ideas to get you started. From decor to costumes to food, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Stranger Things in party mode.


The Decor

Alphabet Back Drop, $45, Etsy | Photo Booth Prop Set, $6, Etsy | Flash Lights, $25, Amazon | LED Christmas Lights, $16, Amazon

There are plenty of ways to turn your home into Hawkins. For starters, the Stranger Things alphabet backdrop is pretty much a necessity. For an added touch, the Stranger Things photo booth prop set features everything from Barb's glasses to some all-important waffles. As far as mood lighting goes, you'll need some heavy-duty flashlights and strands of LED Christmas lights. Now your lair is set.


The Food

Chocolate Pudding, $31, Amazon | Mini Burger Sliders, $55, Amazon | Golden Crispy Fries, $3, Amazon | 1980's Candy Gift Box, $39, Amazon | Frozen Eggo Waffles, $3, Amazon | Butter Waffle Cookie, $14, Amazon

As far as party snacks are concerned, most everything can be picked up at a local grocery store. Hey, the citizens of Hawkins aren't pretentious foodies. To start, tubs of chocolate pudding, mini slider burgers, and golden crispy fries are kind of a given. Lastly, a box of 1980s candy will transport your guests to that most excellent decade.

Obviously, frozen Eggo waffles of some sort also need to be included. Some delicious waffle hacks, from waffle ice cream sandwiches to waffle grilled cheeses, can step up your frozen breakfast game, according to Bustle. Or just serve up a bunch of fresh-toasted waffles cut into bite-sized pieces and some maple syrup. Butter waffle cookies are another delicious option.


The Party Music

The second season of Stranger Things is set in 1984, less than a year after the official Thriller video debuted. This song plays over the trailer for season two as well, so your party will need some input from the King of Pop. If you can get all of the guests to learn the dance, then it'll be an awesome party for sure.

Next, load up on more 1980s songs. There's a pretty great Stranger Things songs playlist on YouTube, and it covers everyone from Africa to Joy Division. For more atmospheric music, check out the Stranger Things complete score playlist on Spotify (just search for the Lakeshore Records user).


The Costumes

High-Waist Straight Leg Jeans, $37, Amazon | Vintage 1980's Shirt, $48, Etsy | Eleven Dress and Socks, $50, Amazon | Ghostbuster Jumpsuit Costume, $55, Amazon

A Stranger Things party presents so many costume options. To go in basic 1980s clothes, pair some high-waist straight-leg jeans with a vintage 1980s shirt. Dressing as the characters themselves is always an option, so break out that Eleven dress and socks. Lastly, consider going as other pop culture figures from the 1980s and rock a Ghostbuster jumpsuit costume. Now break out a Ouija board, play some D&D, and have the weirdest night of your life.

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