How To Touch Your Pregnant Partner

If your pregnant partner is giving you the bedroom eyes lately, that's likely a sign she wants to do the deed. It may seem tempting to touch her right then and there, but you might want to pause for a bit. After all, just because your partner is acting like she wants to be touched, that doesn't mean your old moves will still feel good. Her body has changed and so have her pleasure spots. If you want to learn how to touch your pregnant partner, you first have to learn to be patient and listen really well.

Whether or not either of you want the touching to lead to sex, there are things that will feel good and things that won't. You're both at the mercy of haywire hormones. According to an article in Parents, a woman's sex drive will fluctuate all throughout her pregnancy, which obviously impacts how much touching or sex she wants. For example, hormones will make her nipples super sensitive (and possibly not in a good way) and her vagina will become extra sensitive (again, possibly not in a good way). Personally, the only touching I wanted my whole pregnancy was a foot rub or a professional back massage at a spa, that was it.

Every woman is different when it comes to how she wants or doesn't want to be touched while pregnant. Here are seven tips to guide you in your journey to figuring out how touchy-feely your pregnant partner wants to be.


Check In With Her First

This is actually important to do all of the time, but really important when your partner is pregnant. Some women are super horny while pregnant, others fall into the "don't touch me" camp, according to HuffPost. It's also important to keep in mind, some pregnant women might just want to be touched and that's it. Whatever they want, it's important to know where they stand before you go for it.


Ask How She'd Like To Be Touched

Do not pass go, do not collect $200 until you ask how she wants to be touched. Maybe your partner used to like having her nipples rubbed, but during that may cause pain during pregnancy. Thanks to those lovely rollercoaster hormones, pregnant women often report their breasts feeling really sensitive, sore, and tender, according to Baby Center. The golden rule is to ask first.


Do What She Asks

However the pregnant woman wants to be touched is what you should do. If she likes bondage play or any type of pain-pleasure play, it's fine as you both agree to it and establish safe words first. If your pregnant partner prefers gentle back rubs over pressure, or vice versa, it's all up to her. You just have to respect it if you want to touch her.


Be Prepared For Her To Change Her Mind

It's not uncommon for a pregnant woman, or really anyone, to think something will feel good but then change their mind. If your pregnant partner agreed to one form of touching, but didn't like it or it wasn't pleasurable for her move on to something that does feel good.


Be Ready To Try New Things

Again, what used to feel good may not anymore so you might have to add a few new moves to your arsenal. According to Very Well, it's important to be creative and try different touching techniques and sexual positions (if you're going there). As you're trying new things just keep checking in with your pregnant partner to make sure whatever you're doing feels good.


Be Respectful At All Times

"Remember, this isn’t a board meeting or a contract negotiation, so approach the conversation with love and tangible tenderness," Dana B. Myers, founder of Booty Parlor, author of The Mojo Makeover: 4 Weeks to a Sexier You, and mother of two tells Romper. "And most of all, always let respect guide you."

If you're talking about how your pregnant partner wants to be touched (or not touched) it's paramount that you stay respectful and not try to ridicule or bully her.


Understand She May Be Touched Out

If your pregnant partner is taking care of other children, she may be touched out. If she' feels like being intimate is another chore on her list, her body will shut down, according to Woman's Day . In these situations it's probably best to either engage in no-pressure touching, or back off and be patient.

A pregnant woman is going through so many changes physically and emotionally that it may be hard for her to connect to touch in the same ways she used to. Keeping in mind that this is most likely temporary will help. But also having patience, respect, and understanding will go a long way towards building up touchy-feely moments between each other again.