How To Transform Non-Maternity Clothes Into A Bump-Friendly Wardrobe

Whether this is your first pregnancy or you’re a veteran mother, there is a dreaded phase that every woman experiences — your growing bump is narrowing your wardrobe choices, and you're holding off a trip to the nearest maternity store. But just because your waistline is expanding doesn’t mean your style options can’t grow right along with it. There are plenty of ways to wear non-maternity clothes during pregnancy.

Gone are the days of resigning yourself to dresses that look more like tents than they do a cute statement piece. Today, thankfully, you don’t have to bid a temporary farewell to your favorite jeans and fashionable clothing just because you're expecting. You can continue to be the fashionista you were before the arrival of your bump, and without sacrificing your comfort to do it.. From the teeny tiny “is it a food baby?” part of the first trimester to the glorious “is she smuggling a watermelon?” stage of the third trimester, dressing your bump can be fun and simple. With these tips you’re not only saving money by extending the life of your non-maternity clothes during your pregnancy, but you’re getting to stay true to your style, too.


Use V-Necks To Your Advantage

You might think a deep v will draw too much attention to your growing bust line, but senior merchandising manager Alissa Fagadau told InStyle that this neckline can actually give the appearance of a smaller chest and midsection. This is especilly helpful if you're trying hide your baby bump.


Opt For Outerwear

Elle magazine reported that Blake Lively didn't wear maternity clothes at all during pregnancy. Instead, she rocked some stylish capes and ponchos, making her feel sexy and usper empowered.


Bring On The Belts

If you have any clothing items that feel too shapeless or large, just cinch it up with your favorite belt to give an instant (and free) makeover.


Live In Your Leggings

Who doesn't love leggings? A comfortable wardrobe staple, leggings will expand with you growing belly. Plus, they come in so many patterns, it's an easy way to amp up your maternity style.


Join The Empire

Lori Solomon, owner of Veronique Maternity, told InStyle that dresses with an empire-waist are ideal for pre, during, and post pregnancy. A princess-waist dress will have you feeling easy and breezy.


Give Yourself Some Breathing Room

Art director, Danika Underhill, spilled her secret to Refinery 29 for turning her favorite pair of jeans into being bump-friendly is to use a button extender. It may not be the fanciest trick in the world, but it does the job. Bonus? No one but you will know you’re wearing it.


Add A Little Edge

You don’t have to give up your fierce fashion sense just because you’re pregnant. Combine a pair of flat-soled boots for comfort with some jeans and layered tops for a rocking look you can wear whether you're pregnant or not.

Images: Courtesy of Sarah Bunton; Hanes; Loft; Almost Famous; Motherhood Maternity; Macy's; Heather Williams/Flickr; StockSnap/Pixabay