How to Turn Your Phone Into A Lightsaber With Google's "Lightsaber Escape"

If you, like Luke Skywalker, are too old to attend Jedi Academy, there's still hope for you. No, not Yoda. Well, kinda (Google is the Yoda of our time, right?) Google Chrome has launched Lightsaber Escape, a free game that will train you to use your phone like a lightsaber! Yes, Disney is going way overboard to promote The Force Awakens, and no, I don't care, because I get to be a Jedi, and so do you.

Visit the Lightsaber Escape website on your laptop, and you'll be prompted to enter a custom URL on your phone's browser. Once you do, you'll be instructed to hold your phone in front of your laptop with two hands in order to pair and calibrate your devices. Your phone then turns into a lightsaber; not only will your screen show an image of the weapon's hilt (complete with a power button), but it makes humming and crashing noises as you wave it, and you can see the blue plasma blade on your computer screen.

After a short training session, you'll be transported to a galaxy far, far away to battle all-new stormtroopers by deflecting their blasts with your lightsaber, then meet a boss stormtrooper who wields a weapon we've never seen before; it looks like some sort of giant, futuristic stun gun.

So how does it work? Google's not telling! So, it's either by using the Force, or the gyroscope inside your phone, as the Observer speculates.

This isn't the only cool free way to integrate The Force Awakens with your computer, either. As Romper reported earlier this week, you can now add a lightsaber filter to your Facebook profile picture, and Google has also introduced a feature that lets you choose a side — light or dark, obviously — to add Star Wars themes to your Gmail, Google Maps, and more.

But what if you're seeing too much Star Wars? Those who are terrified of spoilers can download the Chrome extension Force Block, which automatically crawls every site you visit for possible spoilers. If one's detected (basically any mention of Star Wars, really), your screen is obscured and you're warned to click away.

These are all great ways to remain strong as we wait out these final few hours, and best of all, they're free. Stay strong while you wait for the premiere, and may the Force be with you.

Images: Lucasfilm; Jenn Rose