How To Use A Pillow To Get Pregnant

If you’ve been trying to conceive (TTC) for what feels like ages with no luck, you may be ready to try anything. (Understandably so.) There is nothing more frustrating than desperately wanting to be pregnant, and having it seem like everyone around you is getting pregnant with no problem. Did they use certain sex positions? Did she elevate her hips for 20 minutes after? Did he remain perfectly still as to not jostle anything around? In their frustration, some women may try other alternative methods to conceive and figuring out how to use a pillow to get pregnant may be on the list of methods to Google this cycle.

When asked if you should use a pillow to elevate your hips after intercourse to help with conception, Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron, director of fertility preservation and reproductive endocrinologist with Fertility Centers of Illinois says to Romper, "Don’t spend money on a special pillow when trying to conceive. No pillow will make a difference when trying to achieve a positive pregnancy test."

Well, that's unfortunate. But what about certain sex positions? Maybe ones that involve a pillow? Surely that can help, right? Hirshfeld-Cytron says no, unfortunately. "Sex positions that increase conception odds are a huge myth — all positions work similarly for purpose of fertility. Have fun and do the sex positions you enjoy."

Well, at least all positions are good positions, so you can still have fun trying. As far as staying in a certain position after intercourse (to help the little swimmers find their way), Hirshfeld-Cytron says you don’t have to lay still or prop yourself up with a pillow for gravity's sake. "Sperm are motile and have already 'taken off' the moment intercourse occurs; getting up will not necessarily impede any success," she adds.

This is good, because you should go to the bathroom after intercourse to prevent getting a UTI or bladder infection anyway, the Mayo Clinic noted. According to Hirshfeld-Cytron, you can also quit worrying about having an orgasm. She notes that this won't impact pregnancy at all, whether you have one or not.

If you feel hopeless, it’s understandable, but don’t worry. "Remember if it was this hard, none of us would be here," Hirshfeld-Cytron says.

There are many natural fertility websites and articles out there discussing fertility pillows, herbs, certain sex positions, and timelines for how long your partner should stay inside of you for conception to work. And if you’re over it and willing to try anything, you do you, girl. No judgement here, I’ve been there for sure (and still am).

And, to be honest, it certainly doesn’t hurt anything by trying, right? Just remember to take a deep breath and have fun. If you want to use a pillow, maybe don't use your favorite couch cushions. Sex is still messy, especially when you're trying to conceive.