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Instagram's Nametags Feature Will Make You *All* The New Friends

by Jen McGuire

Have you ever been out at a cafe and you see this really cute guy and he sees you and you want to get to know each other and you're sort of not sure how to go about it? Yeah, me neither, but if this situation does ever happen to either one of us, Instagram has come up with a new way to make meeting a new friend easier. Here's how to use Instagram's new Nametags feature, for all of those times you meet someone new and want to follow them on Instagram.

Instagram is constantly rolling out features that make it easier for their users to make new friends, social media-wise at least. And what easier way is there than creating a name tag you can simply scan to start following someone new? Who doesn't love scanning? Which is why the new Instagram Nametag feature is sure to be so popular. It's incredibly satisfying and fun. Especially if you're scanning the nametag of someone you think might be an interesting human and no, I don't just mean romantically here. You could scan the nametag of a new yoga instructor if you're thinking of starting a practice or maybe even another mom who seems like friend material. Trust me, having a decent mom friend is probably one of the best ways to get through parenting.

And now Instagram is making it easier to find them.

The good news is you don't have to add a Nametag to your Instagram app, it's already on there. To access it just follow these steps:

  • Go ahead and tap that Profile icon in the bottom right corner of your screen
  • Look to the top right corner of your screen and tap on the three horizontal lines
  • When you tap on those lines, the drop down menu will include "Nametag" and click on that
  • You'll be given some options from here to make your Nametag customizable. Just keep tapping through options like emojis, stickers, colors, and of course, the ever-popular selfie option. And there you have it, you've got yourself a Nametag my friend.

Now that you've got your own Nametag you're going to want to know how to add a new friend's Nametag. It seems pretty straightforward, fortunately.

Here is how you scan a Nametag in the new Instagram Nametag feature, as per Smart Phone gadget hacks:

  • Follow the first three steps to access your Nametag, and get your new best friend to do the same
  • Tap "Scan a Nametag" at the bottom of your screen
  • Aim your camera at the other person's Nametag and then wait for the app to automatically scan it.
  • Once scanned, you can either tap "Follow" or "View Profile" if you're not ready to commit to full Instagram access.
Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Nametag feature will also make things easier to follow companies you like, not to mention encourage people to follow you in an easier way. But most importantly, this new feature is just another way to keep everyone connected to each other.

And if you happen to make some new friends along the way, all the better.