Get ready to binge-watch shows with your friends with Netflix Party.
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You Can Still Watch Netflix With Your Besties While Social Distancing — Here's How

Even as everyone is self-quarantining and practicing social distancing during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, you can still watch movies with your friends by using the Netflix Party Chrome extension. That's right, you can stay in contact with all of your favorite people in the best way possible: via your shared love of watching TV.

All you need is Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension that allows you to have a group chat and synchronized video playback on multiple devices. To access the feature, all you have to do is go to NetflixParty.com and click "Get Netflix Party for free!" (Please note that the feature is only available on Chrome browsers on desktop or laptop computers.)

From there, you'll go to Chrome's Web Store where you'll click "Add to Chrome" and "Add Extension" when prompted. Look for the "NP" icon, which stands for "Netflix Party," in the upper right hand of the screen, then choose whatever you want to watch. Click the "NP" icon and copy and paste the URL and send the link to your pals so you can all hunker down and watch together.

Below you can find a very handy instructional video from Gauging Gadgets.

Once everyone has signed up for Netflix Party, it gets easier of course. Let's say you want everyone to re-watch The Crown with you from the very beginning; just start playing the video on Netflix, click on the red "NP" icon next to the address bar and click "Start Party," then share the URL with friends.

You can start partying with your friends without having to clean your house or share your queso dip. It's actually a pretty sweet set-up even if you're not self-isolating.

What's more, anyone who joins your Netflix Party can chat about the show in the group chat feature as you synchronize your viewing, which is pretty much the best antidote to feeling incredibly isolated during the coronavirus outbreak. Sure, you can talk to your mom on the phone or text with any number of friends or hit up all of your social media platforms to see what's going on in the world. But what's better than curling up on the couch and marathon-watching shows on Netflix with your friends?

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