Courtesy of Cameron Norsworthy

How To Use The Scissors Tool On Snapchat

Just when you thought you might've reached your peak Snapchat creativity, the app has offered up an update that can easily take your snaps to the next level. Unlike the regular paint tool (which, let's be honest, definitely favors trained visual artists over the rest of us), this next addition is surprisingly simple. If you've been wondering how to use the Scissors tool on Snapchat then don't stress — it's a totally easy thing to master, and the hidden collagist in you will appreciate it.

Snapchat Scissors makes it easy to turn parts of your snaps into stamps that you can use over and over again. I practiced with my very willing and very beautiful dog and made some precious memories that I will treasure for years to come. What's more, when we're apart, I can go to my stamps (the square symbol on a photo's top right corner, next to the "T") and use the cut out of her sweet little face over and over again.

Here's how to use Scissors on Snapchat:

  1. Take your snap. Videos work, too, but sadly you can't cut out a moving GIF with Scissors. But hey, Snapchat, feel free to take my idea for your next update. Just contact me and I'll name my price.
  2. A little pair of scissors should appear in your top right corner, next to your stamp and text icons. Tap the scissors.
  3. Now outline the part of your snap that you'd like to use as a stamp. If you mess up the first time, don't worry: You can keep tracing until you get it.
  4. And it's saved! Your pup's head (or whatever you outlined) should appear. When you go into your stamps, your new creation will be there. Use it as many times as you like, you know, for maximum impact.

Not buying the utility of Snapchat Scissors? Well, I turned THIS (adorable in its own right)...

Courtesy of Cameron Norsworthy

...into THIS! A mixed-media, pop art moment embodying the overwhelming and sheer terror that was 2016, as seen through the eyes of a pet!

Courtesy of Cameron Norsworthy

If you're not yet convinced Snapchat Scissors is an easy and useful tool, then the recent update offers plenty more for you to mess around with. Snapchat Groups makes it possible to send snaps to multiple people at a time, you can Shazam songs on Snapchat (an odd — but useful? — marriage), and you can completely transform Memories with Snapchat Paintbrush. Who thought that a sneaky, watch-it-before-it-disappears platform would turn into something so dynamic?