'The Real World' Isn't On MTV But You Can Still Watch New Episodes Weekly

The Real World premiered on MTV in 1992 and slowly helped to usher in the age of reality television, where it would shine on the music network despite being a show that had absolutely nothing to do with music. The show remained a steady fixture on MTV until 2017, when it suddenly went off the air. Now, it has been re-branded with a new season in Atlanta, Georgia, but it’s not actually on MTV anymore. Before you worry about how to watch The Real World and scramble to make sure your cable provider offers the right network, you can relax.

The Real World reboot found its way to Facebook Watch and you can watch new episodes every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET. Unlike streaming platforms where seasons are released all at once, Facebook Watch has remained true to the original vision of the former MTV staple and even though it’s not on MTV anymore or for the foreseeable future, this new format offers a totally new and exciting way to involve fans.

Fans can watch the new episodes live on Facebook Watch each week while taking full advantage of the comment box below each new episode as it streams. You will probably encounter a few internet trolls who don't offer much to the conversation, but it sort of feels like an ongoing watch party. Only, you don't have to leave your house or even get dressed to attend.

In May, Deadline reported that The Real World reboot on Facebook Watch is part of a deal between MTV Studios and Bunim/Murray Productions, which is responsible for creating the original show. It’s unclear if the show will remain online indefinitely or if it will eventually transition back to the network, but creator and executive producer Jonathan Murray told Fast Company that through Facebook Watch, the show has been given a wider platform than ever before. So it might be a good thing to stick with this new Real World home.

"It’s what I have always wished we could do with The Real World, to have more opportunity to engage with the people who watch it," Murray told the magazine. "Facebook really offers us a unique opportunity to do the show this way."

Mina Lefevre, head of development and programming at Facebook Watch, agreed that The Real World has the opportunity to spark big conversations in an online community, whereas before, watching the show on TV and potentially tweeting about it might have had less of an impact.

"With the immediacy of what people are used to nowadays, you can have scenes coming at you in a regular rhythm. So the experience is much more immersive," Lefevre told Fast Company. "You’re going to start the conversation in a much deeper way."

With such a diverse cast this season, which includes participants of different races, sexual orientations, and regions from around the US, their own conversations on the show are bound to strike a cord with viewers in the comments section on Facebook Watch. While the new Real World is still a far cry from the original 1992 premiere, which probably seems pretty dated to the show’s current younger viewers, judging by a lot of fans' comments on Facebook Watch, they seem to love the way it has gone back to its roots of igniting important conversations. The Real World also brought back its famous line in the intro about "seven strangers picked to live in a house," and you can’t not love that nostalgia.

So far, The Real World has only aired two episodes on Facebook Watch, with another set to premiere online tonight, but if all goes as planned, it might have been given the refresher that fans needed.