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How To Wrap Oddly Shaped Gifts Without Any Magical Powers

A few years ago, I bought someone special a gift that came packaged in a tube that wasn't flat. I no longer remember who it was for or even exactly what it was, but that traumatic gift-wrapping experience is lodged in my brain forever. I brought the item home, pleased that I had found the perfect present, and then couldn't figure out how in the world I was going to wrap it. It wasn't entirely presentable, but I didn't know how to do things any better. From that experieince, I learned that knowing how to wrap oddly shaped gifts is an essential surviving the holidays as an adult.

From circular objects like soccer balls, to wine bottles, to teddy bears, to little trinkets that just aren't square enough, sometimes gift-wrapping can present a challenge. You can always put your gift in a box or gift bag to make gift giving (and life) so much easier. You can even utilize the "just-stick-a-bow-on-it" method if you want to get really lazy. But what if you want to actually wrap the item itself? It's unquestionably more fun to open a gift that has been wrapped than one that's been stuck in a bag (or simply topped with a bow). These tips on how to wrap your oddly shaped gifts will make you an gift-wrap guru in no time.


Make Your Own Wrapping Paper "Gift Bag"

According to Zulily lifestyle editor Amy Goodman, you can create an envelope or gift bag that'll fit any weirdly-shaped gift you may be planning to give this year. You just need medium-weight paper, tape, and scissors.


Befired The Tissue Paper

For cylindrical gifts, a base layer of tissue paper can be your saving grace. When combined with a pretty paper, it's one of the neatest (as in, not messy) ways to wrap your to-go coffee mug or any other cylindrically-shaped gift. Don't forget to tie off the ends with ribbon.


Switch Up Your Fabric

Brit & Co. noted that scarves, dish towels, and tulle can all make excellent gift-wrap for awkwardly shaped items, but they work for boxes and square gifts too.


Work With The Shape

Who said the paper has to be perfectly smooth with the fewest number of folds?Make the ends of your round (but flat on top and bottom) gifts look professionally done using this technique. These folds look sophisticated, not unintentional or messy.


Try To Make It More Square

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Some oddly shaped gifts can be wrapped easier if they can be "squared off". Brit + Co suggesting topping a present with uneven edges with a plate to make it easier to wrap and 3M (the makers of Scotch tape) advised adding strips of cardboard to help make a gift more square.


Get Creative

From large DIY poster board tubes, to crepe paper streamers, to a string of lights for particularly large items, Real Simple is pretty much the queen of creative ideas for oddly shaped gift-wrapping.


Let The Gift Show

A total upgrade on the just-stick-a-bow-on-it wrapping job, cutely decorating the gift itself, such as turning soda or beer bottles into reindeer, is a great way to make an awkwardly shaped gift more festive without the headache of trying to wrap it.