I Recreated 5 Of Kourtney Kardashian's Best Instagrams & This Is What Happened

In an ideal world, I’d live my life like one of the Kardashians. Flawless hair, makeup contoured to perfection, and stylish outfits up the wazoo. There’s something about each Kardashian sister I find amusing and enviable, but since becoming a mom, Kourtney K. has definitely provided me with some intense inspiration. Are there any kids out there more adorable than Mason, little P, and Reign?! (Aside from my own precious kid, that is.) Kourtney’s always been the calm, realistic, monotoned-voice sister we never really knew we needed, and though it took me awhile to grow to love her, it happened. Her one-liners are amazing, as is her overall attitude. Since becoming a mom, I feel like Kourt's blossomed even more: constantly gushing over her kids, balancing work and career, and not letting go of who she is as a woman and a businesswoman. Say what you want about the the famous family, but I truly believe she's a fabulous woman and a great inspiration for other young mothers with kids.

I especially love Kourtney Kardashian's Instagram, with all its insanely curated and beautiful home, fashion, and luxury goods. And though there's no way I could match her life on a daily basis, I could still dream. Sometimes I use her photos as a model for my own life: What is she eating? Drinking? Wearing? Doing with her kids? Though her 'gram only offers a one-dimensional view into her life (there's no way she escapes the constant headaches, exhaustion, and stressful moments that motherhood inflicts), her page offers a completely spotless look at her life. It had me wondering: Could I pull off Kourtney Kardashian chic for a week?

The Experiment

Kourtney’s Instagram approach includes taking her followers behind the scenes in all aspects: showing off her workout wear, her throwback vintage sunnies, her kids’ snacks, favorite nap time books, and her ever-evolving style. I wanted to see if someone like me, who’s decidedly out of the spotlight, could recreate her looks. How would I feel? Would it change my approach to my own life? And, obviously, how would I look, recreating my style icon’s best pictures?

I picked some of my favorite and tried my best. If Kourtney can stay true to herself with three kids in tow, then hell, so could I.

Day 1

Mastering Kourtney’s Workout Style:

I love Kourtney's pride in her body after having three kids. The pressure on "everyday moms" to "get their body after baby back" is hard enough, but I can only image that pressure being tenfold when you're a celebrity who's in the news literally every day. Even so, I love the empowerment this photo carries. It not only sends a very powerful image about the pride she feels in her own body, but it really spoke to me as a postpartum woman, too: I choose how I feel about my body on any given day, and I feel great, I'm going to post it.

Was she scared to post this? You and I will never know. But what I do know is that regardless of what she was feeling, she posted this picture anyway. Even looking at it now inspires me to love my body exactly the way it is.

My Attempt:

Courtesy of Rachael Edwards

I workout pretty consistently but I do not like wearing just a sports bra! Even when feeling my absolute fittest, I am a conservative person and don't love showing much skin. So you can imagine just how out of my element I was when I struck a pose for this picture.

To be honest, I kind of felt like posting this on social media would've been a cry for people to compliment me and my figure, which was disappointing. (I don't know why I felt that way, but being honest on Facebook is tough for me.) What if someone commented on the way I look. What if I just wanted to take this picture for me? What if, on this particular day, I felt awesome about how I looked?

Day 2

Rocking Menswear:

Courtesy of Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

How cute does she look? The plaid, the boots, the expression: she’s just adorbable. This image was carefree and fun and I chose this one to see if I would look just as cute rocking the same type of ensemble. I know, I know that she's not currently with Scott anymore, but I'm not focusing on her relationship. This is all about her look — and she's rocking it. TBH, I would've never thought to pair my partner's shirt with a pair of boots, but I love how easy it looks on Kourtney. Granted, her height helps (she's much shorter than I am!), but I still love the simplicity in putting this together: Just put the shirt on, add boots, and then you're done!

Me, Trying To Be Cute:

Courtesy of Rachael Edwards

So, Kourtney is 5'0" and I am 5’7’’. Wearing my husband’s shirt made me feel a little … exposed. Safe to say I cannot pull this off without shorts or leggings, mainly because it doesn't cover my butt and if I so much as move my arms, you'll see London, France, and the entire European coast.

Once I had the shirt on, I realized how short it would end up looking on me and how I sadly cannot pull of this level of Kourtney Kardashian chic. I could probably get away with wearing other elements of menswear-inspired looks, but definitely cannot start here. I would, however, wear this in warm weather with cutoff shorts. *Makes note to remember that when it's warm again and happiness can be found.*

Day 3

The Red Lip and Braid Combo:

Courtesy of Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Kourtney frequently sports a red-hot red lip, and it’s a look I’ve done maybe once in my life (and it was for a performance in a play, so, there you have it). She looks fab and carefree! That’s one thing I love about her, she doesn’t shy away from taking chances with her clothing and her makeup, and in the process, she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Plus, she doesn’t only give her followers the “finished look” picture. She’s in her robe, and she DGAF.

Me, Trying To Pull A Kourtney:

Courtesy of Rachael Edwards

File this one under: Things Kourtney Can Pull Off That I Can’t. I am not a fan of lipstick in general, so I felt pretty far out of my comfort zoner here. I definitely do not take myself seriously, similar to Kourtney, so it ended up being a fun, no-worries picture to take, but I definitely didn't leave the house like this. Wearing lipstick always makes me feel like I've got somewhere super fancy to go to, and I just can't shake the feeling like I need to have somewhere to go in order to pull it off. (And even then, I don't feel totally comfortable.)

This is an image I wish I could erase forever, if I’m being honest, because the color combination and hair slicked-ness feel totally unflattering for my face shape and tone. Even though I didn't particularly love this look, I did think about maybe buying other shades of lipstick that might look more complementary against my skin.

Day 4

Morning Fuel:

Courtesy of Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Kourtney’s smoothie is all-natural, organic, and looks absolutely delicious. She often talks about her healthy lifestyle and why it’s so important to her, and this picture definitely gives her followers a peek into what her fuel looks like. It's also the most perfectly staged Foodstagram I've ever seen — and now I want that bowl and won't stop until I have it.

My Smoothie:

Courtesy of Rachael Edwards

OK, let's just get the obvious out of the way: I could not find that bowl and now my Instagram looks only half as worthy of Kourtney's. But as for the ingredients, I think I'm pretty on-par with her morning fuel. Even though I don’t shop completely organic, I gave it my best attempt with this chocolate shake. I definitely did not have some of the fancier ingredients as Kourt did, such as “bee pollen” or dates, but I always feel healthy when I have a smoothie and like I’m doing something good for myself, so I'm chalking this one up to a win.

Day 5

Street Style:

Love everything about this look! The comfy T, cut offs, and sensible (mom) shoes all scream trendy but comfortable. I also like to dress for comfort and ease, yet incorporate style when I can. This look inspired me to potentially try to add some “edge” to my look, when the mood strikes. It’s easy to forget that she’s a high-profile star with a seemingly endless flow of designers trying to get her to wear their styles when she wears such simple, minimalistic looks like this.

My Look:

Courtesy of Rachael Edwards

While I definitely don’t have access to the amazing wardrobe that Kourtney does, ever since my daughter has gotten a little older I’ve enjoyed wearing clothes other than pajamas most days. I like looking a little more put together and a little less homeless than I did during the newborn days, plus this shirt makes me feel like a badass. It was also awesome to see just how similar my taste is to Kourtney’s. I loved that I just put this on and felt ready. I could run errands, I could workout, I could have an impromptu dance party in my kitchen with my baby girl, I could meet a friend for lunch. It all just felt so effortless.

It also reminded me that my "old t-shirts" make the best shirts when it comes to getting dressed and ready for the day. I don't have to get decked out from head to toe in order to be ready for the day, and throwing on a shirt like this felt like a huge nod to my past life, and I loved the feeling I got when I threw it on.

Was I Taking More Cues From Kourt Than I Realized?

Recreating some of Kourtney’s Instagram pics definitely put a little extra pep in my step this week. I like keeping up with myself on the regular, but this added a little something fun to an otherwise normal week. It inspired me to maybe put a little more effort into my own look rather than constantly putting myself on the back burner. I got to try on the different ways Kourtney plays with her style and makes life fun (which I absolutely appreciated, because in the day-to-day it's all too easy for me forget to have a little fun). In my world that means doing at least a little makeup everyday (hello, eyebrows), wearing just as many clothes from my closet (nicer tops and sweaters) as from my dresser (tanks and t-shirts), and adding boots into my never ending sneaker-rotation.