If Moms Ate Food Like Their Gross Kids Do, It Would Look Like This — VIDEO

I'm convinced that children are nothing more than mini-drunk people, sent to unapologetically remind us of how annoying we were when constant intoxication was our thing. The list of weird things kids do is never-ending: They can't dress themselves, they yell inappropriate things at inappropriate times and, well, consuming food is a disgusting combination of failed motor skills and picky eating. Just ask the comedic moms at The BreakWomb, who show us what it would be like if moms ate like their kids in another hilarious (and all too real) video.

From spitting pieces of food out almost immediately, to licking slices of bread then sticking them back together, to struggling to use an eating utensil correctly, Laurel, Molly and Megan remind us that our children are basically small drunk people, so we can't necessarily judge them because (if we're being honest) we were like them not too long ago. So sit back, relax, and be thankful that your tequila-shooting, whiskey-guzzling days are behind you. Now you just get to clean up your child's epic messes every time he or she eats but, hey, at least that mess didn't come with an expensive bar tab!

Spitting Food Out Immediately

Do our children even get a chance to taste the food before they spit it back out? I'm not convinced. There's no way their tiny little tastebuds had the time to work the way they should.

Hating Everything

Our children definitely don't stand on ceremony. If they don't like something (read: anything), they'll let everyone know it with a loud decoration and immediate scraping of the tongue to rid themselves of any and all food. Adorable, right?

Licking Food

Why? Just... why? It's not like I ever did that after I came home from the college bars at 3 in the morning. Really. I swear. Never. Nope.

Getting Really Excited About (And Only Eating) One Thing On Their Plate

I mean, hey, at least they're eating. At this point, if they only eat that one thing for the rest of their lives you'll be happy because, again, at least their eating.

Playing With Food

Again, all I can ask is why? WHY?!

Utensils Are Hard

Hand-eye coordination can be tricky, you guys.

Sticking Food In Weird Places

WHY?!?!?! (I'm convinced that being a parent means asking this one simple question, over and over again, knowing you'll never get a legitimate answer.)

You can watch the complete video here, and remember: Yes, small children trying to eat is a lot like you trying to eat after a long night at the bars, so try and be patient. After all, your roommates were.

Images: The BreakWomb/YouTube (8)