#IfKidsWereInCharge Tweets Prove Adults Should Step Aside

by Korey Lane

Look, our world is pretty messed up right now. Yes, of course, there's always positive news of someone paying it forward, or videos of cats getting scared by cucumbers to spread some happiness and laughter across the universe, but the fact remains that things aren't really looking all that good right now. From a possible government shutdown, tense foreign relations, and climate change threatening our beautiful natural habitats, the situation of late has felt pretty grim. But thanks to the internet, and particularly Twitter, laughter is being hand-delivered to the world in the form of a new hashtag — not only that, but these #IfKidsWereInCharge tweets prove adults need to step aside for a bit and let the little ones handle things.

The hashtag became a popular trending topic on Twitter on Thursday, as #TakeYourChildToWorkDay also occurred and was all over Twitter. But the tweets that point out how much funnier things would be if kids were in charge are especially good, it seems. And seriously, adults have pretty much screwed everyone over (multiple times), so how bad would it really be if we just stepped back and let children clean up our mess? After all, their minds are much more open, creative, and simplistic. They might even be able to solve the whole "are aliens real?" thing, for all we know.

Check out some of the best tweets for yourself, and allow Twitter to make your day:

A Fresh Perspective On Improving Morning Commutes

Road rage would probably significantly decrease, right?

Some Real Talk On The Best Kind Of Bank

"Hi, yes, I'd like to withdraw four Milky Way bars and nine Pixy Sticks please."

Power Naps Would Be A Regular Thing

Be there with your blankie and bear, or be square.

A Better Alternative To Our Current Commander In Chief

Hey, Tommy Pickles sounds pretty darn presidential to be honest.

All Animals Would Have Homes

Why yes, I'll adopt that 27th dog, thank you.

But while most of the tweets were pretty hilarious, some felt a little too real, and made some pretty darn good points about our current political landscape:

How Court Cases Would Be Handled

It doesn't work in the classroom, so it probably shouldn't work in court, right?

The Health Care Debate Would Be Vastly Different

No one talks about my grandma like that.

A More Introspective Look (& Kind Of A Scary One)

Some days, it feels like this, right?

"War" Would Mean Something Else Entirely

I imagine it might look more like the rival face-off in The Sandlot, or something.

Racism Would Be Countered With Love

Because the difference between kids and us is that, sure, kids see color, but they're a lot more loving, open, and appreciative of differences than we are.

Still, despite all the blazingly honest takes on the current state of our society, most of the tweets were pure, sweet, and hilarious:

More Nap Time

I think all adults would benefit from this, to be honest.

The Map Might Be Re-Worked

I mean, this only makes sense.

How Disputes Would Be Settled

It's only fair.

Punishments Would Be A Little More Lax

Stay there and don't come out! ... Until snack time.

We'd Never Worry About How To Power The Nation


What Would Be Playing On A Loop On All TVs

Basically, what's already been happening on your television since you had kids.

A Powerful New National Ballad

Don't act like you don't know all the words already.

If kids were in charge, let's be real, things would probably be a whole lot cooler than they are right now.