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Instagram’s New Questions Sticker Will Make Social Media Even More Social — Here's How It Works

Every time Instagram announces a new feature, I fear that our society's dependency on social media apps will just keep growing and growing until one day humans only communicate via social media (and probably also float around in flying lounge chairs, WALL-E style). That being said, every time Instagram announces a new feature, I totally update the app to check it out. Sorry not sorry, but it's my job to stay updated on Instagram's changes! Anyway, the app just rolled out a new feature, and you're totally going to want to try out Instagram's new questions sticker, which truly makes Instagram even more interactive.

Instagram already has two ways to poll your friends. There's the classic poll sticker, which allows you to ask your friends a question, which they can answer by clicking on one of two responses you provide. There's also the emoji slider, which allows your friends to answer your question by dragging an emoji of your choice along a slider. And now, there's the interactive questions sticker, which Instagram announced on its press website on Tuesday. The new feature, which is part of Instagram version 52 on both iOS and Android, will allow you to prompt your friends to ask you questions, which you can then type your answer to and share to your Instagram Story.

Here's how the new feature works, as explained on Instagram's press website: After taking a photo or video for your Instagram Story, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the stickers tray. You can then select a color for the questions sticker, type in a prompt, and post it to your IG Story. Instagram suggests asking your followers to ask you anything (that's probably because it will encourage you to post your responses, therefore keeping you on the app for more time...), but you could also ask your followers a question that you want answers to (this would keep their responses to your question much more organized than if they simply direct messaged you their answers).

To see your followers' responses, simply click on your own story, and swipe up to see who has watched it. On that screen, all the responses will be organized for you to read. If you want to answer one of them, simply tap on it, and it will automatically put it into a new story draft, where you can then type your response and post it to your story. While you will be able to see who asked you the question, when you publish your response, the user who asked you will remain anonymous.

Tori Roloff of Little People, Big World tested out the new feature as soon as she got it, and she's already a big fan. Roloff, who is mom to the absolutely adorable 1-year-old Jackson, prompted her fans to ask her questions.

She quickly shared responses to about 30 different questions. The biggest highlight of her questions sticker spree was when a fan asked if she wants to have more babies. Her answer? "Of course."

The interactive questions sticker is not the only new feature Instagram has rolled out as of late. Last month, the social media platform dropped IGTV, Instagram's "new app for watching long-form, vertical video," according to Instagram's press site. Basically, IGTV is Instagram's version of YouTube, and it allows users to upload videos that are up to an hour long (the current maximum length for a standard Instagram video is one minute).

It's clear that Instagram has no plans to stop growing anytime soon, so you may as well embrace the social media obsession — or close the app and go outside for a few minutes...