Cara Howe/Netflix

The Fate Of This 'Iron Fist' Character Was Left Uncertain

There were a lot of questions Netflix's latest Marvel series Iron Fist left up in the air. (Warning: spoilers ahead!) Is Joy gearing up to straight-up murder Danny, her childhood friend? Is Ward actually a good guy now? What the heck happened to K'un-Lun? But apart from these various mysteries, there's a particular character's fate that was left up in the air. So is Bakuto alive on Iron Fist? That all still remains to be seen.

When it came time for Colleen and her sensei to face-off, the Daughter of the Dragon appeared to come out as the victor — which was made all the more evident after Davos stabbed Bakuto in the heart when Colleen refused to kill him. This then led Danny and Davos to fight one another, which distracted them from seeing what happened to Bakuto's body. All fans know is that one minute his body was lying there in the pouring rain, and the next minute it was gone. So did one of his minions from The Hand take his body or did he get up and walk off on his own accord?

Now, I know what you're thinking — "Kelly, he was dead. How could he possibly walk away?" And while normally I would agree with that logic, I have a sneaking suspicion Bakuto had the ability to come back from the dead.

Don't forget that The Hand gifted Harold with the gift of resurrection, and the only thing that could prevent him from rising from the dead was if he was beheaded. And since no one thought to behead Bakuto (though I was screaming at my TV for them to do so), there's a distinct possibility that he's off somewhere, licking his wounds and figuring out his next move. Or perhaps he's already off stealing mystical islands?

Even looking to the comic book version of the character doesn't help to provide much insight on the matter. Based on the comics, Bakuto gets killed by White Tiger shortly after he attempted to kill Daredevil. So the whole Iron Fist storyline wasn't ever really on his radar. However, viewers know this not to be the case for the on-screen version of Bakuto. He was obsessed with learning everything he could about Danny's superhero side, which is why it makes so much sense that he was the one to make K'un-Lun disappear. He knew Danny was distracted back in New York City. This would've been the perfect time to strike without Iron Fist guarding the passageway in.

So do I think he's alive? Absolutely. Do I have any proof to back that theory up? Not yet. But if he ends up popping up in The Defenders later this fall, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.