Bekah From 'The Bachelor' Has A Strong Social Media Game

All of the social media sleuthing in the world won’t help you to really know the contestants of The Bachelor Season 22. But in-between episodes, it’s the best way to try and learn more about the women vying for Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s heart on The Bachelor. This includes the mysterious Bekah Martinez. Naturally, you have to wonder about her online presence and whether or not Bekah from The Bachelor is on Snapchat, since it’s arguably one of the best ways to gain some insight into the lives of reality TV stars.

Bekah’s social media game is pretty strong, in that her Instagram is full of personal and professional photos and fun captions to get to know The Bachelor contestant a little better. To top it off, she recently even activated a new Twitter account that will surely see a rise in followers as fans continue to see her on The Bachelor this season. But as far as Snapchat goes, it looks like the contestant isn’t into the filters and limited availability of photos or short videos all that much. She did post an Instagram photo way back in February 2017, praising Snapchat for its filters, which are known to be silly and creative, depending on which ones you choose. But other than that, Bekah hasn’t really said anything else about the app or a potential Snapchat account of her own.

That being said, Bekah doesn’t seem to be missing much by being absent from Snapchat, as she’s already gained more than 27,000 Instagram followers and over 1,500 Twitter followers. So at this point, it's kind of like, Snapchat who? Personally, I never got into Snapchat as much as I have in other social media outlets and apparently, that’s probably where Bekah stands on the matter. However, there’s more than enough on her Instagram to make up for the lack of impromptu filtered videos and fleeting pictures.

Since Bekah did only recently make a Twitter account for herself, there’s a chance that she might go back to Snapchat, provided that her fans are particularly demanding for her to cross over to the other social media app. But for the time being, I think it’s fairly easy to get a good idea of Bekah’s life through her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

To be fair, Snapchat is a useful tool for all kinds of celebrities to make announcements or to simply show another side of themselves, much like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all serve their own purposes as well. Like those, it can be a useful tool, especially for those with a solid fanbase. But it looks like right now, Bekah has enough social media on her plate.

Speaking of having a lot on her plate, Bekah’s age becomes a big part of her story this season on The Bachelor, since it isn't revealed in her ABC bio or displayed in her on-screen description. And while it has now been confirmed that she is 22 years old, making her the youngest contestant this season, the promos suggest that her fellow contestants will try to make this impact her relationship with Arie. Granted, it doesn't help that Bekah seems to be intentionally trying to keep her age from him, thinking it'll change the way he feels about her. But the way I see it is, as long as they're both on the same page about what they want, then I'll happily root for them, regardless of the age difference — or their social media preferences.

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