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Kourtney Kardashian Responds To Pregnancy Rumors On Snapchat In The Most Casual Way

On Wednesday Life & Style reported that Kourtney Kardashian might be pregnant with her fourth child. Considering that Kim Kardashian is currently expecting a child via a surrogate, and that Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian also might be pregnant, it will be a huge deal if Kardashian is in fact expecting. It's almost all too much too handle, right? Well, it looks like Kourtney Kardashian just responded to those pregnancy rumors on Snapchat, according to Elite Daily, and her response couldn't have been more low-key or casual. Romper has reached out to Kardashian’s representatives about the pregnancy report.

Life & Style's claimed that Kardashian is pregnant with Younes Bendjima's baby. Kardashian has been dating Bendjima since "mid-2016," according to InTouch Weekly, and fans have speculated that Kardashian and Bendjima's relationship is quite serious. Though there's been no real evidence or confirmation of the rumor, it wouldn't be too surprising if it turned out to be true. Kardashian loves her three children (Mason, Penelope, and Reign) to pieces and throughout the years she has been vocal about wanting a big family.

A source said of Kardashian's aspirations for a large family, according to The Hollywood Gossip:

Kourtney is pregnant. She wants at least six and is ready for No. 4.

So, is Kardashian actually pregnant? The rumor is still totally unwarranted, but Kardashian appeared to be having fun with the allegation in her recent Snapchat story. In the video, Kardashian poses in what looks like tight leather pants as a nondescript song plays in the background. The most intriguing part? Kardashian sticks out her tongue within the first few seconds of the video, which could be a playful message to curious fans. Essentially, Kardashian could literally be sticking out her tongue at the rumors.

If this is Kardashian's response to the pregnancy report, it couldn't be more on brand. Kardashian is probably the most restrained and collected member of the Kardashian family, so it makes sense her first Snapchat story following the report would be totally casual. Although Kardashian could have issued a pointed denial via social media or her publicist, she instead opted for a pair of tight-fitting and cool leather pants to get her point across. Of course, it's totally possible that this Snapchat story means nothing and that fans are reading too much into this. On the other hand, however, it does seem like Kardashian is sending fans telling signals here.

Either way, fans are still trying to wrap their heads around news that *another* Kardashian sister might be pregnant. Ever since news of the report broke, fans have expressed their shock and feelings on Twitter:

Yup — this rumor is putting fans through the ringer.

Although the Kardashian pregnancy rumors are a lot to keep up with (paging Kris Jenner: please confirm at least one pregnancy rumor, please), it would be kind of cool if four Kardashian sisters were expecting. For starters, the Kardashian ladies are incredibly tight, and one would expect that they'd lean on each other for pregnancy advice. Pregnancy is a lot easier when you have a solid support system, right? Secondly, the Kardashian sisters have previously expressed a desire to raise their kids together, which is a really sweet sentiment that a lot of people can relate to. The bond between cousins can be incredibly amazing and strong.

Kim once said of the Penelope and North's close bond, according to Us Weekly:

It’s so cute how they all love each other so much! Penelope & North are bff!

Throughout the coming weeks, fans will definitely be paying close to Kardashian's social media accounts for more possible clues about her alleged pregnancy. Although it remains to be seen if Kardashian is pregnant or not, one thing is probably for certain — Kardashian likes to keep her fans guessing.

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