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Is Beyoncé In Labor?!?!

Could the big day finally be here? In response to rumors that a "significant amount of security" was spotted at an as-yet unconfirmed Los Angeles hospital, according to Us Weekly, the Beyhive has taken to social media in the hopes that the newest members of the Knowles-Carter family might actually be making their arrival. Is Beyoncé in labor? So far, the report seems to be just a rumor, but Twitter is still beyond excited.

Speculation over Beyoncé's pregnancy is definitely nothing new — it basically began immediately after she first announced the news in February — but now that she's approaching what's likely to be her due date, the anticipation is ramping into overdrive. One thing that definitely hasn't seemed to help matters? A user-submitted post on The Shaderoom that went up Wednesday morning, claiming that the the 5th floor of the UCLA Medical Center has been shut down following the arrival of the pregnant singer and her team — apparently confirmed by someone who works at the hospital. In other words, THIS COULD BE IT. Or at least, it might be. Beyoncé could still be at home totally oblivious to the giant online freakout over the current state of her uterus. But the good news is that, eventually, one of these days, those babies are almost certainly, definitely going to be born, probably at a hospital, but who knows, maybe also not.

In response to the Beyoncé in labor rumors, fans have taken to sharing their well-wishes to the singer on Twitter using the hashtag, #BeyHiveSupportsBeyonce:

While many of the tweets about Beyoncé (possibly, maybe) being in labor were sincere messages of love and good vibes for the singer and her twins, some of them were also totally hilarious, perfectly capturing the over-the-top reaction that many of her fans couldn't help but feel in the wake of the (currently unconfirmed) announcement:

And for some, the prospect of the twins' arrival was just far too much to deal with:

If Beyoncé is in labor, it might be a while until we hear news of the birth officially confirmed by the couple: when their daughter, Blue Ivy, was born in New York in Jan. 2012, Beyoncé and Jay Z waited two days after her birth to release a statement. But if the rumors are true, it sounds like the singer may have chosen to do things a bit differently and give birth in Los Angeles this time around — perhaps she'll also decide to announce the news right away?

Unfortunately, the only way we'll know for sure whether the twins are being born is when we hear it from the couple themselves — and so far, they aren't saying anything. If she is in labor, hopefully she will have as easy and safe a delivery as possible. And hopefully she'll also be comforted by the fact that pretty much the entire world is rooting for her right now.