Monty Brinton/CBS

Is Bridgette Single On 'Big Brother 18'? She's Taken Outside The House

It's been a week since the Big Brother live feeds have been up and already there is so much to see. Namely, everything that we need to see go down between the Big Brother 18 houseguests that doesn't make it to air. For example, a growing companionship between Birdgette and Paulie. But is Bridgette single on Big Brother? Now, seeing the two get closer on the Big Brother live feeds could be chalked up to the fact that they were the only two roommates awake and there isn't exactly TV to binge by yourself, but still.

Among the cat, family members, and friends that Bridgette left behind to join Big Brother 18 was also a serious boyfriend, who she claims is going to stay serious, insisting, "No Showmances in the plan, that's for sure." But she also said in her pre-show interview that should she use her charm to get further in the competition, that's totally OK.

Does that charm mean getting cozy and gain a BFF with teammate Paulie? In one of the first competitions, Bridgette was quick to jump up and share a familiar looking bear hug with teammate Paulie as soon as they finished. Although a showmance between anyone on Big Brother would kind of be everything, especially so early into Season 18, it's likely just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. It worked for Paulie's brother, Cody, who created a very close friendship with Christine during Big Brother 16. Maybe right now they're bonding over the fact that they have to be faux naked for the week?

So early in the game, we can chalk up a close friendship between Bridgette and Paulie to team mates just sticking together. They're going to need it since things get cut throat pretty quickly in this house. The first eviction is sure to put the house in a divide, and Paulie could just be the one seeing the door from the other side. Plus, if Bridgette says she's going to stay loyal to her partner — ahem, Austin — I'm inclined to believe her. She doesn't seem like someone who is going to make such a proclamation for no reason.

But, if you're hoping to see juicy showmances this season, there will be no shortage of them for sure, especially with all of the other house guests who are single. As the show progresses, so will relationships. Now it's just a matter of time until we find out who those showmances will be between.