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Is Burke Ramsey Married? He Has Kept Quiet For The Past 20 Years

Burke Ramsey has not lead an easy life. Two decades ago, his little sister, JonBenét, was murdered in his family's Colorado home when she was only six-years-old. Burke would go on to be interrogated in connection with her murder three times over three years. He was only 9 years old when she died. As a new three part docu-series is set to premiere on CBS, hoping to finally solve the murder of his younger sister, the eyes of the world are again on Burke Ramsey. People are wondering about him, which is natural. Some are wondering if Burke Ramsey got married, had a family, and settled into what some might think of as a "normal" life.

After that fateful night 20 years ago, and the horror of having his sister's death go unsolved ever since, it can't have been easy for him.

Burke lived with his younger sister, JonBenét, and his parents (John and Patsy Ramsey), in an affluent neighborhood in Boulder, Colarado. JonBenét was reported missing the night of Dec. 26, 1996, when her mother Patsy discovered a ransom note demanding $118,000 for her return. It was only seven hours later when her body was discovered in the basement of the Ramsey home.

After her death, the family became the subject of public scrutiny. JonBenét's death was sensationalized, and still is today. Burke's father, John, spoke to Barbara Walters in November about trying to shield his son from the accusations, according to People.

"Friends would ask us, 'What can we do to help?' We said, 'Next time you go in the supermarket, call the manager over when you see our child's photo on the front cover, and ask him to remove it.' A lot of them did that."

The Ramsey family has since been exonerated based on new DNA evidence found on JonBenét's clothing. Patsy Ramsey, Burke's mother, died in 2006 from ovarian cancer. And how has life gone on for Burke since the days of being interrogated for his sister's murder?

Burke, a 29-year-old computer software developer, has never spoken publicly about his sister's murder. He has lead a quiet life in private, and in 2012 his father John described him in an interview with People as "pretty quiet":

"He's certainly matured. He's got a 401(k) plan and an IRA, and he did it all on his own."

Not much else is known about Burke Ramsey these days, but all of that is about to change. Dr. Phil McGraw will be airing a three-part interview with Burke in September to coincide with the CBS docu-series The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey.

Dr. Phil claims to have obtained Burke's interrogation tapes, and will be sitting down with the man himself to discuss his sister's murder publicly for the first time in 20 years.

Hopefully, this will help him find a little closure so he can move on with the rest of his life.