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All Eyes Will Be On Cardi B At The 2019 Grammy Awards — Here's Why

With the 2019 Grammy Awards around the corner, it's only fair to wonder what celebs we'll see on the red carpet and performing on the coveted stage. And with the year one accomplished and beloved rapper has had, many are likely curious if Cardi B will be at the Grammys this year. And I have good news, guys — not only will she be in attendance, but we could be seeing a lot of her on what's hailed as the music industry's biggest night of the year.

The 61st Annual Grammy Awards will air on Sunday, Feb. 10, at 8 p.m. ET. And this weekend, Cardi B is up for five — yes, five — awards. According to the Recording Academy, she's been nominated for Album of the Year and Best Rap Album for Invasion of Privacy, Record of the Year for her hit song "I Like It," Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for "Girls Like You" with Adam Levine, and Best Rap Performance for "Be Careful."

Beyond her many nominations, Cardi B is also slated to perform on Sunday night, the academy previously announced in January. Of course, it hasn't been revealed what exactly her performance will entail, but we can expect an epic show, that's for sure.

Ahead of the awards show, The Washington Post reported that Cardi B "has a strong chance of winning her first-ever Grammy." But despite her success and massive fan following by her side, the "Bodak Yellow" singer has apparently been "filled with anxiety" as she prepares for what could be a very big night for her, as she recently told the Associated Press. "You can never really be so sure," Cardi B said in the interview. "For some reason, with this whole Grammys coming, my mind has been like anxiety, anxiety."

With all eyes on Cardi, it's certainly understandable that she's feeling a bit overwhelmed. Her fans, though, have been beyond excited for her to possibly win at the Grammys and definitely perform on Sunday.

"I think Cardi B getting a Grammy! I really feel like she going to get it," one fan tweeted.

In addition to her Grammys performance and five nominations, Cardi B is starring in a brand new commercial for Pepsi that will air on Sunday night. According to Billboard, the ad is an extension of her Super Bowl commercial, which featured Steve Carrell and Lil John. In the new ad that will hit your TV screens this weekend, Cardi will use her signature "Okurrr" when interacting with a waitress while ordering the soda.

She even teased the hilarious new commercial on Instagram this Thursday, captioning the video: "'Pepsi is definitely OKURRRR #PepsiMoreThanOK.'"

If Cardi does end up winning at the 2019 Grammys, it wouldn't be shocking if she gave a sweet shout-out to arguably the most important role in her life: being mom to be adorable daughter Kulture.

Needless to say, Cardi B fans have a lot to look forward to on Sunday. Between several nominations, a Pepsi commercial, and a performance, the 2019 Grammys will be more than okurrr. Be sure to tune in on Feb. 10 on CBS.