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Is Cassidy Cascade The Green Devil Killer On 'Scream Queens'? His Backstory Is Mysterious

Believe it or not, Scream Queens Season 2 is just about halfway over, but that means that finally, fans are starting to get some answers. Now, those answers might come with a new set of questions, but still, it's progress! And now that viewers know that Dr. Cassidy Cascade is the baby from the hospital years ago, the next logical question to ask would be: is Cassidy Cascade the Green Devil killer on Scream Queens? On the one hand, all signs point to yes. For starters, it's now basically been confirmed that his mother is the wife of the man whose body was thrown into the swamp 30 years ago. So that in and of itself is motive. Then there's the fact that he told her, "I'll take care of everything," which certainly makes him seem like a potential suspect. (How exactly does he plan to take care of things?)

But, in a way, that all feels a little too easy. Giving viewers the killer before even the penultimate episode of the season — all wrapped up in a nice little homicidal bow — doesn't really seem like something this series would do, which makes me think this could all turn out to be yet another red herring. Regardless, it was revealed that Cassidy is the baby of the man who was killed at the hospital on Halloween years ago, so his backstory already ties him to the killer, whether he himself is one or not.

So is Cassidy Cascade the Green Meanie on Scream Queens? At this point, with at least five episodes left of the season, it's legitimately too soon to tell. But Tuesday's episode has promised viewers that "a killer is revealed," which could mean that there's more than one at large and Cassidy a member of that number. Either way, everyone is kind of chomping at the bit for answers, so it'll be nice to get some concrete information soon. Watching the Chanels degrade people is all well and good, but what everyone is really waiting for is more about Cassidy, his backstory, and what he and his mom are up to.

By all accounts, he could very well be the Green Meanie — or, at least one of them, maybe teaming up with Hester, or his mother, or some other surprise psychopath, to get back at the hospital that killed his father 30 years ago. But it's still too soon to know for sure whether or not Cassidy is the killer on Scream Queens. For now, fans at least know that he might be connected to the Green Meanie, and that there's definitely more to him than meets the eye.