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Is Chad Single After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? He Doesn't Seem To Be The Dating Type

Watching Chad Johnson get booted off The Bachelorette and then Bachelor In Paradise after just the first night might tell you all you need to know about the Bachelorette super villain, but it also makes you wonder about his relationship status now. For his looks and all of the money he brags about, you'd think he would have a new girlfriend every week, but that doesn't seem to be the case exactly. So, is Chad single after Bachelor in Paradise? When Chris Harrison was telling Chad that he was no longer welcome at the resort on the season premiere of Bachelor In Paradise, you could hear some rare vulnerability in Chad. Followed of course by his very Chad-like behavior of being insulting, rude, and totally out of line, but it was still there.

He was shouting something like, "I got nothing - I have nothing. I have nothing in my life." Does that mean his persona of being this super good looking and wealthy real estate developer is all an act and Chad Johnson is just a man? Probably not, but it does say something about his love life. When he was being kicked off, he also said that he can't believe this happened again. Obviously being eliminated from reality TV dating shows is becoming a habit for him, and for good reason. Chad is kind of undateable.

While I would like to believe that the Chad we see on TV is different from the real life had Johnson, something tells me that what we're seeing is what we'd get in a real life dating scenario. Months ago, Reality Steve released some screenshots revealing information from Chad's alleged Match.com dating profile and his version of the ideal woman for himself was pretty clear.

On his profile he wrote, "Unfortunately, I do only date fit, beautiful women, so if that isn't you we can be friends (if you are crazy awesome or something), but there won't be any dating." It's not exactly surprising to hear that from Chad, but it just proves that he's as brutally honest in real life (and probably just as rude too) as he is on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.

On After The Final Rose, Chad even declared, "I think maybe I deserve to be the next Bachelor", which was met with a mild crowd reaction, but right there was proof enough that Chad Johnson is single and more than willing to find love. More recently, though, he spoke out and admitted that he would not, in fact, make the right kind of Bachelor. Um, you think?

Judging by the fact that he was so disappointed to be kicked off Bachelor in Paradise and that his Twitter fans still support him becoming the next Bachelor, it's safe to say that Chad is single after Bachelor in Paradise. If it isn't hard enough to get beyond his aura of rudeness and disgusting behavior, there's still the matter of having to be good enough for the Chad Bear, because obviously he demands his idea of perfection in his future mate.