Is Co-Bathing With Your Newborn Safe?

I didn't know much about babies when I had my daughter, which is probably why I was more than a little nervous that I was doing something wrong. Her first bath was full of me freaking out, especially as she screamed the entire time, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I gave her mostly sponge baths until she was bigger. When someone suggested I try co-bathing with her, I wasn't so sure. I mean, not only are babies totally slippery when wet, but is co-bathing with your newborn safe?

Absolutely. According to What to Expect, there is absolutely nothing wrong with co-bathing with your newborn and you can even start before the umbilical cord falls off (just be sure not to submerge your baby). In fact, it's a great way to bond with your baby and get lots of skin-to-skin contact.

Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Nancy Holtzman noted on her website that co-bathing can be more comfortable for your little one than bathing them alone in the tub. When they take a bath with you, their entire body can regulate to one temperature rather than having half of their body warm in the water and the other half cool. It can also keep your baby from screaming as they relax with your touch and the warm water.


According to Parenting, you can even breastfeed while co-bathing your baby, especially if your child isn't too fond of the bathtub. In fact, the only real rules about co-bathing with your baby are to take some extra precautions. What to Expect noted that it's best to get situated in the tub first and then have your partner hand you your baby. You can also invest in some tub mats for added grip and be sure to keep the bath water at a temperature that is comfortable for baby.