Guy D’Alema/ABC

'Dirty Dancing's Colt Prattes Is A Romantic IRL

by Chrissy Bobic

When the original Dirty Dancing hit theaters 30 years ago, fans swooned over Patrick Swayze, who played the rebellious and sexy dance instructor Johnny Castle. Of course, the actor who took up the role in the TV remake would have to be equally as dreamy, so is Dirty Dancing's Colt Prattes single? The new Johnny in ABC’s highly anticipated remake seems like a genuine romantic with his wife in real life. In December of 2013, Prattes married fellow professional dancer Angelina Mullins and their Instagram accounts are full of all the selfies and captions to make it very clear that in real life, this swoon-worthy dancer-turned-actor is very much taken. (Sorry, everyone.)

Although the couple live together in wedded bliss in Los Angeles, according to the New York Post, Mullins is currently in Chicago performing in Aladdin. Under a photo of the couple (with their puppy offspring) on what I can only assume was the anniversary of Prattes proposing to Mullins, you can get a clear idea of the love and connection they share.

"5 years ago today we stood alone in our first apartment in Hoboken and I asked if you would create a life with me," Prattes wrote on social media. "For over 2 years before that you had seen me more clearly than anyone ever had & somehow you still didn't judge what you saw. You've taken this road with me even though I have, more often than not, had no idea where it was going. The only thing I knew was that I didn't want to go anywhere without you. Thank you for making my life more than I imagined it could be. Happy anniversary Mrs. Prattes. I love you."

Prattes did some writing for the women-inspired organization New Age Gentlemen LLC, which aims to write about what it means to be a gentleman, and he certain has a knack for it. The captions he writes about Mullins and his love for her can be found all throughout his Instagram. Like a random one that said, "Some days you love more openly and some days your love is just quiet and still. It doesn't always move you, so when it does take note."

And although the two are obviously busy with their respective careers, they clearly make a point of making their relationship a priority.

They’re also big fans of Walt Disney World and what looks like their registry was centered around their honeymoon actually taking place at Magic Kingdom. And from the looks of a photo posted shortly after their wedding, which shows the couple each adorned with Mickey ears, it seems like that’s what ended up happening. And yeah, it’s pretty adorable.

Prattes isn’t single in real life, but the new Johnny from the Dirty Dancing remake still seems like the bad boy dreamboat that will have fans swooning over him.