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Dean Is Staying Active After 'The Bachelorette'

Dean Unglert has slowly made his way into Bachelor Nation hearts and possibly Rachel's this season after a sort of slow start. And inquiring minds want to know: Is Dean single after The Bachelorette? It's hard to tell from his social media accounts, since Bachelorette and Bachelor contestants are usually radio silent from filming up until the premiere. His social media accounts, namely Instagram, show that since he officially "came out" as a contestant on May 17, 2017, he's been hanging out with friends. He has pictures with his adorable dog, hanging out with people at charity events, and even photos of motorcycles that he's worked on.

Of course, there are also the obligatory behind-the-scenes pictures with some of the other contestants, like one he took after the baby relay race. And a selfie he took with Adam after the show wrapped. He captioned that one, "Always great getting to hang with @adam_gottschalk ... even better when he's not accompanied by his inanimate sidekick #adamJr."

Although he also has some shoutouts to Rachel, like thanking her for letting the guys be vulnerable, it doesn't look like he's with her or anyone else right now. For the premiere, he actually said he was going to watch his dog. So, no new women seem to be in his life.

If Dean is single after the Bachelorette, he likely won't be for long. Fans are really falling him after his one-on-one date. Not only did Rachel seem to be feeling some feelings in that Goodyear Blimp, Dean really opened up about his life and his fears. The fact that he was also one of the guys to really call Lee out on his BS was also very impressive.

Dean seems like a great guy who might have actually been there for the "right reasons," as they always say. Hopefully, someone scoops him up. The only downside to Dean, according to some contestants, is that he's 26 years old and Rachel is 31 years old. Which is a ridiculous, when you think about it.

One of the older contestants, 37-year-old Bryan said, just after Dean and Rachel flew by in the blimp, taunting them:

I think she’s intrigued by Dean. I think she finds him attractive. But he’s 25. She’s turning 32. And at the end of the day, I think that age is gonna play a factor.

Can anyone please remind these guys that Corinne Olympios was 24 years old when 35-year-old Nick Viall went on hometown dates with her? Plus, I think he's more than proven how ready and serious he is for a lifelong commitment.

So whether or not Dean is just hanging with his friends and cuddling with his dog post-Bachelorette or secretly snuggling with Rachel after the final rose, you have to admit that he's really worked his way into all of our hearts this season and deserves to find someone who appreciates all he has to offer.