Rick Rowell/ABC

Corinne Is A Pretty Young 'Bachelor' Contestant

Despite the fact that Nick Viall is 36 years old, almost all of the contestants on The Bachelor Season 21 are in their 20's, with the exception of three women, one of whom was already eliminated in the first week. And it's really no argument that some of these women are less than mature in their efforts to secure their place as Nick's main squeeze, including the one who is the unofficial house villain. So how old is Corinne on The Bachelor? Even though she certainly looks young enough to be hanging out with Nick's sister rather than the Bachelor himself, Corinne is 24 years old, but she's still not the youngest contestant this season, believe it or not.

The youngest contestant this season on The Bachelor is 23-year-old Alexis, a.k.a. Shark Girl, so Corinne might not be the baby of the cast, but she's still pretty young for someone looking to get married and settle down long-term. After seeing the string of brunettes of Nick's Bachelor Nation past, who have all been pretty close to his age, it's hard to imagine him with a blonde model/businesswoman who is 12 years his junior, but stranger things have happened on this show. There has only been one episode so far of The Bachelor Season 21 and already Corinne is such a strong presence that she'll likely be here for the long haul. And that awkward and forced first kiss heard around the world didn't really help.

As someone who is in charge of her family's online business, Corinne would have to be old enough to handle that, but it's also clear from the premiere and from the promo for the season that she still has a lot of growing up to do — like when she flaunted her physical connection to Nick in front of all of the other women.

I don't know yet if I see her sticking around for hometown visits, but in the extended preview there is a shot that looks like Corinne slipping into Nick's room for a late night romp that is not part of a fantasy suite date. This is the same contestant, after all, who said in the promo, "My sex abilities are definitely top notch" and "My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum." So while Corinne on The Bachelor may not be the youngest contestant this season, she's definitely not lacking in the confidence department.