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Is Donald Trump Using An "L" Loser Sign During The Debate? It Wouldn't Be A Surprise

There are a few words that can be used to describe the 2016 presidential race — childish, chaotic, and petty, just to name a few. And the trend continued during the second presidential debate on Sunday night, where Republican nominee Donald Trump took many at Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton, her husband Bill Clinton, and the moderators, CNN's Anderson Cooper and ABC's Martha Raddatz. He even proved to be as immature as a fifth grader when many wondered is Trump making the "L" loser sign during the debate.

Despite Trump's claim to being a gentleman, his actions through out the 2016 road to the White House have proven he is anything but. From consistently interrupting his opponents during debates to his crude comments about their appearances and intelligence, Trump has shown that he's not afraid to act like a child when going toe to toe with his opponents. And Sunday night's debate at St. Louis, Missouri's Washington University, Trump continually interrupted Clinton, talked back to Cooper and Raddatz, and even made a few gestures that seemed to date back to an elementary school playground.

At one point in the evening while Clinton was answer a question, it seemed that Trump was making the "L" for loser sign towards his opponent.

Now, as a journalist, it's my job to be unbiased. It's possible that Trump was simply holding up his pointer finger to make a point, and his thumb just happened to follow suit. It's probable that he was giving his opponent the one minute warning. It's even plausible that he was trying to silence the Hilary Haters in the audience. (OK, that last one is probably not event remotely close to what he was doing.)

But, given what the world knows about Trump, he could have easily been making the old school "loser" gesture towards Hillary. His lack of decorum during the debates combined with his love of the word loser (there are video compilations of Trump saying "loser"), make this the likely scenario. And Twitter was quick to take notice of the child-like behavior.

There is, however, another theory that came courtesy of Twitter user Michelle March. Though she also wondered if he was making the "L" loser sign, she suggest Trump could have been making a "L" lying sign. Again, another likely possibility given how many times he accused the former Secretary of State of lying throughout her career and during the debate.

The world will never really know what Trump was doing with his thumb and pointer finger during the debate. It can only speculate. And depend on which candidate you support, you're likely to lean towards a certain thought. Regardless, his actions during the second vice presidential debate are something to take into account come Election Day.