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Is Flavored Lube Safe For Breastfeeding Moms?

Breastfeeding moms and lubricant. It sounds like an odd pairing, but there's actually a big reason for the two to go hand-in-hand. (Or, you know, wherever you're putting your lube.) Breastfeeding can actually cause vaginal dryness, so those who nurse are usually a little more in tune with their lubricant needs. But moms who also like to use lube during oral sex, may be wondering is flavored lube safe for breastfeeding moms?

This may be a popular question, but it's not one lactation consultants have exactly read studies on. International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Kristin Gourley of Lactation Link tells Romper that she's never specifically read anything about flavored lube and breastfeeding. But with so much conflicting information out there about how food does or doesn't affect your milk supply (it really doesn't have much of an influence on your production, by the way) and how ingesting certain things can affect your baby, it's no wonder many moms are curious and nervous.

But, flavored lube is more than likely OK for breastfeeding moms. Gourley says that while she's never read specific information on this topic, she can make an educated guess. "I believe the flavoring would be similar to that in candies or other foods, which are fine while breastfeeding," she says. She notes that sex in general is fine while breastfeeding and if you're worried about swallowing semen along with flavored lubricant during oral sex, you're OK there, too. "The protein from swallowing semen shouldn't be an issue," Gourley says.

IBCLC Lori Atkins of Oh, Baby Lactation Services also thinks flavored lubricant is safe for you to enjoy with your partner. "Personal lubricants contain mostly glycerin, water, and propylene glycol," Atkins says. "While propylene glycol is a petroleum product, I'm imagining small amounts used during intimate activities isn't going to pose a problem."

Even when pregnant, lubricant is OK. According to Parents, the only time to pass on flavored lubricant is if you're using it during vaginal sex as the sugar in the lube could cause a yeast infection.

But if you just want oral sex to have a taste of strawberries, you're going to be fine using flavored lubricant while breastfeeding. Or, you know, you could just eat strawberries after sex. Totally your call.