What To Know About Anal Sex After A "Natural" Birth

Any mom will most likely tell you the same thing about sex after birth, and that this — it's best to wait until your six week postpartum check up to resume any and all sexual activity. Especially considering you're most likely going to be sore jumping back in bed. Even with anal sex, there are still potential stitches and tears to consider. So, "Is it safe to have anal sex six weeks after natural birth?" is something you may be wondering if you're wanting to take that route instead of vaginal intercourse.

With anal sex, the same applies as with vaginal intercourse: you should still wait six weeks postpartum to try any penetration, especially after a natural birth, according to Baby Med. This allows any tearing, stitching, or soreness between the vagina and anus to heal while also preventing potential infection. Additionally, in her Baby Center article, OB-GYN Dr. Laura McKain shared that many pregnancy complications like hemorrhoids or episiotomies can make anal sex painful or disrupt the healing process in general.

Even though your doctor may give you the OK to resume sexual activity after just six weeks postpartum, that doesn't mean you're going to jump in right where you left off. Many women are still uncomfortable and sore long after the initial six weeks, which means vaginal or anal sex can wait. You don't want to do too much, too fast and risk hurting stitches or tearing.

Although some couples may view anal sex as a good way to get around the no intercourse until six weeks postpartum rule (and that may be the case for some), it's still safest to get approval from your doctor first. Or at the very least, call your health care provider to ask for their opinion. zEven once you've been given approval, it's best to ease back into intercourse and take advantage of sex positions that have less chance of putting strain on your perineum instead of going immediately for anal sex.