Is It Safe To Have An Orgasm During Pregnancy? 7 Reasons It's OK To O When You're Expecting

The moment you become pregnant, you start developing a long list of no-nos. Gone are the after work drinks and sushi dinner dates. But you know what hobby you can hold on to? Sex. You may be worried about what’s OK to participate in for the next nine months, but you don’t have to give up those bedroom romps. Rest assured moms — it’s perfectly safe to have an orgasm during pregnancy.

Now, you may not want to jump your partner during pregnancy, and I get that. There are so many fears and myths surrounding pregnancy, that the Big O can seem scary. An understandably so. According to The Bump, your uterus contracts every time you have an orgasm. But when it’s occupied, the pain may feel more intense and cause you to panic. Well, don’t. Unless the cramps are accompanied by bright red blood or they get more severe as the night goes on, this feeling is totally normal.

You may also notice a change in your stomach’s shape after an orgasm. Babble notes that, for some moms-to-be, the belly can take on a pointed shape as the muscles and uterus contract from the orgasm. Again, this isn’t a cause for concern. Your belly will eventually return to its normal shape, and until then you can marvel at the fact that you look like you’re pregnant with a cone head.

Aside from these two issues (if you can even call them that) having an orgasm while your pregnant is just as enjoyable as having one when you’re not. And with so many benefits to pregnancy sex, it seems silly to deprive yourself of the Big O. Here are seven reasons you should experience an orgasm — with or without a partner — during your pregnancy.


Orgasms Relieve Stress

Bustle notes that climaxing releases hormones and endorphins that actually lower your body’s cortisol levels, the hormone that produces stress. There are few things more stressful than being pregnant and preparing to give birth, so take this baby-free time to have as many orgasms as possible. It’s therapeutic!


It Builds Intimacy With Your Partner

Feeling disconnected from your partner? Have the pressures of pregnancy taken a toll on your relationship? Then slide into those sheets and get it on to build intimacy between the two of you.


It Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Dr. E Dean Nukta told Everyday Health that orgasms stimulate the release of oxytocin, which can help lower your blood pressure. Not only is lower blood pressure good for your overall health, but it’s especially helpful when you and your baby could be at risk for preeclampsia.


It May Be Better Than Ever

As blood flow increases in your body, Fit Pregnancy notes that your genitals can become more sensitive as they are engorged with blood. This can increase the intensity of your orgasms and make them better than ever. Um, what are you waiting for?


It'll Help You Sleep Better

Pregnancy keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep? Time to have sex! Not only are your stress levels lowered with an orgasm, therefore making sleep come more easily, but your estrogen levels increase which are necessary for your body to enter REM sleep. Sounds like a healthy sleep aide to me!


It Can Benefit Postpartum Recovery

So not only are orgasms pleasurable, but they’re also doing some work for you. They can help prepare your pelvic floor for childbirth and, if you’re doing Kegels while having sex, can make your muscles stronger. All of this means an easier delivery and recovery. Like you needed another reason to have an orgasm.


Because You’re Really Horny

Look, for some women, their sex drive is through the roof while pregnant. Do you need a better reason to do it? If you’re ready to go all of the time, tell your partner to be prepared.