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Is Jaime Lannister Dead On 'Game Of Thrones'? His Fate Is Uncertain

If there's one character who did a complete 180 from the series premiere of Game of Thrones, it's definitely Jaime. He went from a guy who pushed a 10-year-old out of a window to someone who seems to just want what's best for the country. But after the latest battle, where he narrowly missed being roasted by Drogon, is Jaime Lannister dead on Game of Thrones?

His fate is uncertain now that someone who looked to be Bronn saved him at the last minute by pushing him into the sea. In real life, all of that armor would be more than enough to sink him along with his heavy gold hand, but Jaime has much thicker plot armor (so to speak), so he's likely going to survive Daenerys' attack on the Lannister army. If he was meant to die by dragon fire, which it definitely seemed he was at the time, then Jaime would have died on Game of Thrones Sunday night.

The fact that someone saved him at the last minute proves that he has much more to do before the show is through with him. There's the off chance that Daenerys could hold him to use as leverage against Cersei, but honestly, ain't nobody got time for that right now.

If Jaime were to die on Game of Thrones right now, it would not only cause plenty of Jaime fans to freak out, but it would also give Cersei reason to plan some attacks without thinking. As one of the biggest and arguably most important characters on Game of Thrones, I'd say Jaime deserves to accomplish a lot more before they kill him off for good.

In what will go down as one of the best battles in the show's history, Daenerys' fight against the Lannister army resulted in what looked to be hundreds upon hundreds of soldiers' deaths and even injured Drogon. Luckily, the dragon was able to burn the huge crossbow, a.k.a. ballista that Bronn used to shoot a giant-sized arrow in him. But as Daenerys was trying to pull it out of Drogon's scales, Jaime seized the opportunity to charge at her with a spear under his arm and his good hand holding onto his horse's reins.

Drogon was having none of that, though, and opened his mouth to shoot out more fire just as someone (again, I'm almost positive it was Bronn) pushed Jaime into the sea to save him. But does that mean Jaime is alive on Game of Thrones for long? Or will he soon meet his maker? Since he's way too big of a character to die just yet when he's come this far, there are probably bigger plans in store for Cersei's brother/lover, but as with everyone else on the show right now, his time is beginning to seem limited.