Is Jinger Vuolo Moving To Los Angeles? There Are Some Plans A-Brewing

Oh, that Jinger Vuolo! If she's not wearing pants or waiting a full year after marriage to have a baby, the girl just wouldn't know what to do with herself. The Counting On star has a reputation for being the "rebel" of the Duggar family, although her rebellions do tend to sort of look just like regular living to the rest of the world. That being said, the Duggars like things the way they like them, and Jinger isn't one to go along with their rules. Her latest rebel move? It looks like Jinger Vuolo might be moving to Los Angeles, which has some Duggar fans shocked.

Although it probably shouldn't come as a huge surprise, because Jinger was the only Duggar sister to move away from Arkansas after marrying Jeremy Vuolo in November 2016. She moved to Laredo, Texas with her husband right after the wedding, all the better to stare lovingly at him and hang off his every word. And as if leaving the Duggar family homestead in Arkansas wasn't enough, Jinger broke a few other Duggar cardinal rules. She started out slow, wearing mid-length skirts instead of long skirts like her sisters. Then she made her way up to pants and even (if you can believe it) ripped jeans.

Maybe that's the way it is with moving; Laredo was the geographic version of shorter skirts, and Los Angeles is like those ripped jeans.

Jinger and Jeremy are expecting their first baby, a little girl, later this summer. And while fans naturally assumed the happy couple would be raising their daughter in Laredo, it seems this might not be the case. According to Jeremy's Instagram, he has just been accepted to study theological and pastoral ministries at Masters Seminary in Los Angeles.

Now before you start to worry that Jinger is going to have to pick up and move this far along in her pregnancy (she's a little over 31 weeks along), they might not be making a move too soon. According to the Masters Seminary website, students can study at one of their satellite schools for a year, and one of those schools is based in Dallas, Texas. That being said, the couple would have to head to Los Angeles for the following two years if Jeremy, who is already a pastor, wanted to continue his studies.

Still, fans were understandably shocked to learn that Jeremy and Jinger might be moving to Calfornia. It's a lot of news to take on, what with the baby on her way and everything. They took to Jeremy's Instagram page to ask a few questions about the couple's plans.

does this mean you are all moving to California?
Jeremy will you guys need to move to go to the schooling?
Is that done on-line or are y’all moving out here to California? Either way congratulations!

One thoughtful follower even had a great idea: maybe Jinger Vuolos could do some studying of her own in California.

An excellent decision. Maybe jinger can go to photography school. Good luck. 🍀👍🏽

Of course, we could be getting a little ahead of ourselves here. Jeremy simply posted a picture of his acceptance letter to Masters Seminary, he didn't actually say he would be going. And if they do move to Los Angeles, that's obviously their decision to make.

Still, it might not sit well with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. It was already tough when Jinger moved 11 hours away from them, and now the drive from Little Rock, Arkansas to Los Angeles is more than double that time. Plus, who knows what kind of nonsense Jinger might get up to on the coast? She might even wear a bathing suit and swim in the ocean or something!

Can you even imagine?