Is Jon Snow Actually Himself On 'Game Of Thrones'? Death May Have Changed Him

If you're a Game of Thrones fan, by now you've heard the good news. Lord Commander Jon Snow has been resurrected by Melisandre. Although everyone, including Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) himself, denied it and tried to get fans to believe Jon was really dead, the truth has finally been revealed. Jon Snow walks amongst the living again and all is right in the world. But is it? Is Jon Snow actually himself on Game of Thrones?

The fact that Jon Snow was brought make in only the second episode of the season seems suspicious. Wasn't that just a bit too easy? Melisandre didn't need much convincing to perform the ritual and then although it took a little time before Jon Snow woke up, it's still amazing that Melisandre was able to do it on the first try since she's never done it before. As much as we all want to believe Jon's resurrection is great news one can't help but to be skeptical. This is Game of Thrones after all. When people die on the show they typically stay dead or become a White Walker. Maybe there's a reason most people aren't resurrected. Melisandre seems to think so, anyway.

"If you want to help him, leave him be," she tells Davos when he asks for her help to bring back Jon. She goes on to tell Davos of a priest that brought someone back from the dead but that it shouldn't have been possible. Maybe Melisandre just means that she no longer believes in the impossible; she has been struggling in her faith lately. But she could also mean that resurrecting someone shouldn't be done.

No matter what you believe about what happens after death, Jon Snow's soul went somewhere after he died and it may not have been the best place. Though Jon wasn't dead for long (although it feel like a really long time to us) he still did die and whatever he might have seen in death could have changed him for the worse.

Alternatively, Jon could've been happy wherever he went when he died. Maybe he saw all the other Starks that have since passed (R.I.P.) and he was content there, no longer needing to fight and command the Night's Watch. Maybe he was finally at peace and being brought back to life isn't something he even wanted. Now that he's alive he may very well want to go back to any comforts he may have found in death.

For everyone's sake, especially Sansa's who's hoping to reunite with her brother, Jon is hopefully the same Jon we've all come to love on Game of Thrones. But let's be honest, nothing's ever that simple on this show.