Is Ken Bone A Dad? The Presidential Debate Star Has Thousands Of Fans

Internet fame is such a fickle demon; one day everyone loves you and the next they've either forgotten you or can't stand you. I, for one, hope the rising star of the second presidential debate, Ken Bone, will simply get to sink back into anonymity at the end of his 15 minutes of fame. It's hard to believe that just a few short days ago, Ken Bone was a dad and a husband and a regular dude getting ready to ask a big energy question at the second presidential debate. And now people look back at the debate and they're all, "Oh that's right. The Donald was there too."

Now the internet is lighting up with Kenneth Bone memes, and this Halloween the "Kenneth Bone Starter Pack" of red quarter-zip Izod sweater, khaki pants, glasses, and mustache promises to be the choice of ironic hipsters everywhere. Bone has been interviewed by many major media outlets as well as appearing as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. But how does Ken Bone's actual, real-life family feel about the newfound (and somewhat perplexing) fame? Well, Bone told People that his wife and 12-year-old son Logan are sort of split.

Heather is maybe a little tired of dealing with me in general after 12 years and the ridiculousness of the internet today. And Logan says dad is the best kind of famous — internet famous.

I sort of agree with young Logan; after all, if the Democratic presidential nominee is trying to ride on the coattails of your fame a little, you know you've truly arrived.

The as-yet undecided voter known as Ken Bone hails from Belleville, Illinois. He appears to be taking his newfound fame in stride and with a healthy dose of a sort of wry enthusiasm; for instance, when CNN commentator Carol Costello read Bone a tweet saying that his appeal could be broken down as; “33 percent confidence, 33 percent calming demeanor, 33 percent hugability, 1 percent power stache.”

Bone replied that he thought his mustache deserved far more credit, but that he was "glad it made it on the list."

Bone and his family will someday go back to their quiet lives in Belleville, Illinois, and I hope they are able to walk away from their brush with fame unscathed. I hope they get back in time to rake leaves and bake cookies, because fall has well and truly arrived. I hope there is a dog somewhere, waiting in the wings for his people to come home to him. I hope they have friends who will tease Bone in a good-natured way about being internet famous, and they will have a pot luck dinner with said friends on a Saturday night.

Because that is the real appeal of Ken Bone, you know. His earnest, calm nature represents something some of us think we've lost and want to find again.

A normal, good life.