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It Sounds Like Kim Kardashian Is Using A Different Surrogate With Baby #4 — Here's Why

by Vanessa Taylor

When you're a celebrity, it's almost impossible to keep big family news quiet — especially when that news revolves around pregnancy. Recently, rumors dropped that Kim Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, are expecting another child together via surrogate. (Romper's request for comment from Kardashian's rep regarding the pregnancy rumor has not yet been returned). Still, fans are quickly speculating about the new baby. For instance, many fans are likely wondering if Kim Kardashian is using the same surrogate with her fourth child.

Kardashian and West married on May 24, 2014, and since then, the couple have welcomed three children together: North West, born on June 15, 2013; Saint West, born Dec. 5, 2015; and Chicago West, born Jan. 19, 2018.

In the past, Kardashian has been very open about some of her difficulties with pregnancies. While pregnant with North, Kardashian suffered preeclampsia, and doctors ended up inducing labor five weeks early, according to Parents.

After her second pregnancy, doctors advised Kardashian against trying to become pregnant again. The couple had their third child, Chicago, via surrogate, as reported by E! News. So with rumors now floating regarding the couple's fourth child, it's clear that Kardashian and West would have to use a surrogate again.

But, will the couple use the same surrogate as before? Reports are suggesting that they will not, but the reason why is actually NBD.

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The couple's fourth child — reportedly a boy — is expected sometime in May, according to Us Weekly. A source reportedly told People that the surrogate for the couple's fourth baby is not the same one they connected with for Chicago.

"Since they had another embryo, Kim and Kanye always knew they wanted to try and implant that embryo, too," the source told People. "They hoped to work with the same gestational carrier, but it didn't work out the first time. They are working with a second carrier now that is pregnant and will give birth in the spring."

One report suggests that the couple decided not to go with the same agency because there were issues regarding sensitive information being released to the public, according Us Weekly. Meanwhile, TMZ reported that the surrogate they used with Chicago "was simply unavailable" as she's apparently pregnant with her own child.

Most important though, it seems that Kardashian has no issues with their former surrogate, though. A source told People that she "loved the whole process and will always be very grateful to the carrier." She even introduced to her Keeping Up With The Kardashian fans on the show.

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Still, if the couple had privacy concerns, it's certainly understandable that they may choose to go with another agency. Being in the public eye is definitely exhausting and it makes perfect sense that the couple wants to release information at their own pace.

Kardashian herself has been playing coy regarding a fourth child, as she told Entertainment Tonight in December. "Three is a lot, [but] you never know..."

Needless to say, fans are definitely going to keep their eyes peeled for more news surrounding whether the couple's fourth pregnancy is a rumor or the real deal. But if things play out as they did with Baby Chicago, then we'll have some answers soon enough.

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