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Is Kroger Open On Labor Day 2020? You'll Want To Snag Some Food Deals

A good Labor Day celebration typically includes a fun backyard party, filled with delicious food and cold beverages. But if you forgot to grab those last minute items this year, you'll need to grab a mask and see if Kroger is open on Labor Day 2020. I mean, you can’t have an outdoor party without the food, and if you don’t have some sort of grilled vegetable or meat on the table, you’re definitely not doing it right. And these days, we all know how easy it is for time to slip away from us. (Seriously, month is it?)

Thankfully, for those of us who either forget to plan ahead, or can’t comprehend that it's already September, Kroger is indeed open on Labor Day for all of your last-minute barbecue needs. There are also some pretty great deals happening right now. They’ve got a pork Boston butt for just $.99 a pound, and when you pair that with their whole seedless watermelon for less than $3 and bags of Lay’s potato chips for less than $2, you’ve got yourself the beginnings of a tasty Labor Day celebration barbecue.

If ribeye is more your speed, it’s only $6.99 a pound with your Kroger card, and if you want a little surf-and-turf action this Labor Day, they even have wild-caught snow crab legs for just $7.99 a pound. Don’t forget that butter to melt on those tasty legs — it's just $2 per 16-ounce container. Other great deals include Kraft Barbecue Sauce for just $.99, and a four for $5 deal on hot dog and hamburger buns. Hot dogs are also two for $6, and Breyer's ice cream is currently on sale for three for $10.

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Just be sure to check your local Kroger's hours, as some may have changed due to COVID-19. Many Krogers are saving the early shopping hours for the most at-risk customers, so plan accordingly to help out other customers who may need a less crowded shopping trip. Don't forget your mask.