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Here's What Kroger's Memorial Day Hours Will Look Like, In Case You're Wondering

Memorial Day is one of those strange in-between holidays, where banks and schools are closed but the mall remains open. It can make it confusing to know if you need to grocery shop in advance for any celebration you might be hosting, but no need to panic purchase: Kroger is open on Memorial Day this year, so you can get your shopping done at your own pace.

Memorial Day is intended to be a day for Americans to honor all of those lost in any war the country has participated in, with the federal government closing on the last Monday of May each year. A lot of people use the day as a chance to spend time with family, throwing kick off to summer celebrations. So it's important to know which grocery stores will be open on Memorial Day as an adult in general because you might be the one throwing that first day of summer party, not your parents. And even if you're just a guest at someone else's bash, you don't want to show up empty handed. (Kids can get away with that kind of thing, but not grown ups.) The point is you need to know where you can buy food on the holiday, and if you're a Kroger shopper, they will be open on Memorial Day 2019 according to Holiday Shopping Hours. But every Kroger store has different hours, so you'll want to check your location's opening and closing time just to be safe.

You should definitely keep Kroger in mind as you party plan because their website has a page dedicated to helping you pull off the perfect summer barbecue. (It's technically made for those throwing "grad grill outs," but I assume barbecue supplies are the same whether it's for a graduate or not.) It allows you to make a virtual shopping list, suggesting the products that you'll likely need for your party, with the price listed as well so you can know how much you'll need to spend. The products are separated into categories —proteins, sandwich essentials, sides, and drinks — making it super easy to navigate the store if you're planning on shopping in person. If online shopping is more convenient, try their "Kroger Pickup" service, which allows you to order your groceries online have them bagged and bundled, ready for you to pickup without having to lift a can of anything.

The Kroger site also has landing pages for taco bars, dessert tables, brunches, and party platter options, which will help you map our your menu if you're not sure of what to serve a crowd.

Even though Kroger will be open on Memorial Day, it's probably best to get what you need for your celebration of summer a little earlier than the day of the party. You don't want to show up at the store and see they've run out of the exact kind of cookie your 3-year-old is obsessed with this week — imagine the tantrum. I'd save a holiday grocery run for anything you need last minute if you can, but let's be honest: there's bound to be something you need at the very last minute — there always is.