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Kris Jenner Has Set The Record Straight About Whether Kylie & Travis Are Married

It's clear for everyone to see that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's relationship is seriously adorable. The couple is so devoted to their daughter and their relationship — from the trips, to the gifts, to the highly suspicious names they call one another ("wifey" and "daddy"). So, of course, people are wondering every single day — is Kylie Jenner married?

Luckily, her all-knowing mom-ager, Kris Jenner, was able to set the record straight on Thursday during an appearance on Australian radio show, The Kyle and Jackie O Show, according to People. In spite of raising their super adorable almost one-year-old daughter, Stormi, together and practically being inseparable from each other, Kylie and Scott have not yet tied the knot (no rhyme intended) — at least, according to Kris.

Although the couple is constantly surrounded by music (thanks to Scott's career as a rapper), Kris confirmed that the couple hasn't heard the chime of wedding bells just yet. When asked if Kylie and Scott are married, Kris only had one clear answer to that question.

"Not that I know of," she replied, according to People. "So, if you hear something, you better call my cell."

Oh, Kris shouldn't worry — fans of the couple have been hearing for months that the couple has been reportedly married, according to Elle. So what's her phone number, again?

All jokes aside, Kris did assure everyone that the couple is doing amazingly together, according to People. "They are so great," Kris said. "They are really terrific."

So, it sounds like she wouldn't mind having Scott as a son-in-law one day, but that day just might not be happening any time soon. But, you can understand why some people would think that Kris' youngest daughter and her beau are married. Kylie loves calling Scott "hubby" at basically any chance she gets. And yes, Scott has referred to Kylie as his "wifey" on Instagram before, according to Us Weekly.

But those names are just nicknames and could be an inside joke between the couple. It's not like Kylie has worn a big, flashy ring to indicate that she could be engaged. Just kidding, she has done that, too. Earlier this month, Kylie posted a photo of herself wearing a gorgeous new ring on that finger (yes, her ring finger), according to People, which had everyone suspecting that it was an engagement ring from Scott himself.

To make people even more suspicious, Kylie posted another photo of herself on Instagram earlier this week calling Scott her "esposo," or husband, in Spanish, according to Harper's Bazaar. So if they really aren't married, then they definitely enjoy when people talk about it.

If they really are married, this wouldn't be the first time that Kris played coy about her children. When Kylie hadn't been addressing her pregnancy rumors, Kris was the first person to play it cool and divert the question. In September 2017, shortly after the news of Kylie's pregnancy broke (but had yet to confirm it), Kris told The Cut:

She hasn't confirmed anything. I think it's kind of wild that everyone's just assuming that that's just happening...News happens every single day. You never know what's going to break at any moment.

And when news broke that Kris' daughter, Kim Kardashian, could be expecting her fourth child (and second through a surrogate), Kris also played coy, according to People. "Well...it's always a full house!," Kris told Extra.

And Kris' response about Kylie and Scott's potential engagement falls in line with these responses. But, people shouldn't get their hopes up just yet. Since Kylie and Scott haven't confirmed it themselves, it's more than likely that they aren't married. But, it's still incredibly fun to speculate! And until they actually get married, they are going to keep fans guessing about their relationship status.