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'HTGAWM' Fans May Need To Say Goodbye To Liza Weil Just Yet

The penultimate episode of How to Get Away With Murder Season 4 has left a lot of things still up in the air. However, the main point of concern for many fans right now is the welfare of Bonnie Winterbottom. Annalise's right hand lady may have been involved in a car accident at the end of the episode, leaving many to wonder: is Liza Weil leaving How to Get Away With Murder?

Thankfully, there doesn't seem to be any evidence pointing to Weil departing the series. There's been no mention of her exit on social media or on any news outlets. That being said, if Bonnie actually does die in the season finale, that's certainly something the cast and crew would want to keep under wraps, similar to the whole "Who's Under the Sheet?" mystery from Season 3. So if Bonnie's character is being killed off, Weil's exit probably won't be revealed until that actually happens.

However, it seems doubtful that Bonnie was in the body bag for a number of reasons. First, Nate didn't even say that Bonnie was the one who was in an accident; he just said, "There's been a car accident." Sure, the show has been setting this up for the past few episodes with Bonnie being worried Jorge cut the brakes in her car. Then the show really doubled down with Denver's call to Jorge about Bonnie being a problem. But all of that just seems a little too contrived, making me think Bonnie could just be a red herring. One fan on Twitter even argued the car in the accident didn't even look like the one that belongs to Bonnie.

Plus, there are number of other people that could've been involved in that car accident. Perhaps Jorge decided to take out Teagan for failing to get Simon in line. Or maybe Jorge got tired of hearing from Denver and had him get into an accident instead. The list of possible victims is truly endless, and it's so like HTGAWM to make fans think one thing has happened when something else entirely has taken place.

On top of that, why kill Bonnie now? What purpose would that serve in the current storyline other than to make Jorge and Denver look even more guilty. Fans already know they're bad people so they don't need that confirmation, and taking out Bonnie like that would be too easy. Also, it's not like Bonnie had the drive with the Antares files and she already told Annalise what she needs to know. So it's not as if killing Bonnie would've prevented Annalise from knowing the truth about Denver, anyway. That truth is already out there, thus killing Bonnie doesn't complicate anything, it would just be sad.

Still, with the body count so high on this show, anything's possible, but killing off Bonnie just seems a bit too easy for HTGAWM. It'd be way too predictable for a show that's known for its unexpected plot twists, so I'm having a hard time believing it that Bonnie is actually in that body bag. However, fans won't really know for sure until the season finale airs. Along with the revelation of whether or not Bonnie is dead, fans will also discover if Laurel ended up hurting her mother or if they came to some other decision, perhaps about how to take down Jorge.

To find out what's really going on, tune in to the Season 4 finale of How to Get Away With Murder on Thursday, March 15 at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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