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Somewhere, Someone Is Asking If They've Heard Of 'Love Under The Rainbow' Before

At this point, you can almost guarantee that any new movie or show was originally inspired by a novel or a true story — and the Hallmark Channel welcomes that with open arms. In fact, it's hard to find a Hallmark movie that isn't a book adaptation. The network released Mrs. Miracle based on the novel by Debbit Macomber as well as Michael Spehn's The Color of Rain — just to name a few. And without a doubt, someone, somewhere over the rainbow, is asking if Hallmark's latest venture in romance, Love Under the Rainbow, is based on a book.

Although Hallmark may be the king of adaptations, Love Under the Rainbow is an original movie and not even loosely based on a novel of a different title. The film was made by Johnson Production Group, a company based in Los Angeles and Vancouver, and produced by Tim Johnson and Oliver De Caigny. They've also made quite a few of the Hallmark Channel's greatest hits, such as Stranded in Paradise, Tulips in Spring, and A Snow Capped Christmas. So while Love Under the Rainbow wasn't originally a book, the makers of the film know what it takes to make a Hallmark movie — and they probably have it down to a science.

Johnson Production Group/Crown Media Press

According to the Johnson Production Group website, Love Under the Rainbow is a family-centered love story between 3rd grade teacher, Lucy (Jodie Sweetin) and the new doctor — and widowed single father — in town, Jack (David Haydn-Jones). While Lucy spends her free time helplessly pining over Max Peters, who doesn't love her back, Jack arrives to town with his daughter, Sophie (Dakota Guppy), who just so happens to be a new student in Lucy's class.

When Jack and Sophie move to town, Jack promises his daughter that they moved so that they would finally have time to "chase real rainbows." Jack, being a busy doctor, doesn't quite live up to his promise. However, Lucy suggests Sophie do her science fair project on rainbows, and if she wins, she'll also get a class trip to — you guessed it — chase rainbows.

Meanwhile, Jack and Lucy have a journey of their own. While things don't start out exactly as planned, Lucy continues to bump into Jack and the two start to hit it off. Both Lucy and Jack hold back, but eventually open up to each other — but is it enough?

In the end, the viewers — and the characters — learn that "rainbows are proof that magic exists. You just have to look for them, and if you can't find rainbows — create them."

Although Love Under the Rainbow wasn't based on a book, the film still has plenty of fairy tale moments that will make you believe in magic and happily-ever-after — just like any other Hallmark movie.

"The minute you lose hope for the unexpected and the things that might seem a little bit too good to be true, then you get a bit jaded," Sweetin said in an interview with Parade. "The fun part of life is having those sweet and wonderful moments, so I think we all like to believe in fairy tales. Since most people are kind of realists, I think there is something fine about believing in love at first sight and I think that’s something that Hallmark has really tapped into; people’s love of that and their love of the perfect story."

Love Under the Rainbow premieres Mar. 9 on Hallmark.